College Musts – Compact Appliances for Back to School

It’s that time of year again! Summer is slowly coming to an end and a new school year is right around the corner. Lots of parents are starting to take their soon-to-be college students shopping for back to school necessities. But shopping for college is slightly different than shopping for the earlier years of school. Previously, all you had to do was walk down the back to school aisle at your local big box or grocery store and stock up on pencils, paper, pens, binders, etc. Heading off to college is slightly different… especially because a lot of these new college students are starting to fend for themselves. This means cooking, cleaning and laundry. Now these students are looking at purchasing compact appliances, bedding, lamps, etc.


What types of compact appliances do you need for college?.

1. Microwave

College students want to be able to make food on the go. What better way to cook quickly than in a dependable Microwave? Yes, the common area in the dorm may have a microwave but having your own means you’re not waiting in a microwave lineup. You will be able to heat up left overs, popcorn, tea, etc. all without having to leave your room while in an intense study session.

2. Compact Refrigerator

A  compact refrigerator is a no brainer for a student. Some students opt in for a meal plan but a mini refrigerator comes in handy to keep drinks and snacks cold and on hand. A recommended Danby 1.7 cu. Ft. refrigerator is small fridge, appropriate for a dorm or bedroom setting.

3. Kettle

Late nights and early mornings happen in college. Making instant coffee in your room is not a bad idea just in case there isn’t a 24 hour coffee place nearby. Or if you prefer tea, this kettle can be just as useful for making that morning London Fog. It’s also the perfect size for your bedroom desk. 

4. Countertop Dishwasher
A dishwasher is a great appliance for college students as it not only saves time, allowing for more focused study sessions, but also avoids conflicts over chore responsibilities. It provides convenient dishwashing in limited spaces, improves hygiene through efficient sanitization, reduces stress caused by an overflowing sink full of dishes, and conserves energy and water.

 What else should you consider put on your check list?


1. Bedding

Sheets are the obvious but you may also want to consider purchasing a mattress pad. Sometimes dorm room beds need a little extra cushion.

2. Bathroom Necessities

Towels are a given but you will also want to purchase flip flops (you will likely be sharing a shower with multiple people) and a bathroom caddy to hold all of your toiletries. This will only make the trip to and from the bathroom smooth, ensuring you don’t lose anything along the way.


3. Desk accessories

You will not want to forget a lamp for those all-nighters, post-it notes for reminders, and a white board so you don’t miss any midterms or assignment deadlines.

4. Laundry

First year college students don’t typically think about doing laundry when off to college for the first time. But doing your own laundry, rather than finding a laundry mat or taking it all home, is easy and convenient, especially with a Danby all-in-one ventless washer/dryer.

Leaving home isn’t always easy! Hopefully this list of the necessities  and other things you won’t want to forget helps!

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