6 Clever Ways to Make a Small Kitchen Look Bigger

If you’ve found yourself with a tiny kitchen, fret not; we’ve got some ingenious tricks up our sleeves to make it appear larger and more inviting. After all, size is just a number, and a small kitchen can be just as functional and stylish as its larger counterparts. So, let’s dive into these six clever strategies that will help you maximise your space and create an illusion of spaciousness. 

1. Opt for Lighter Colours: When it comes to paint and cabinetry, lighter shades are your best friends. Whites, creams, and soft pastels can bounce off light, creating an airy ambiance. Darker colours tend to absorb light and make spaces feel confined. By using a light colour palette, your kitchen will instantly appear more open and expansive. 

2. Embrace Open Shelving: Open shelves can work wonders in a small kitchen. Traditional cabinets can sometimes look bulky and boxy, but open shelving adds a sense of depth and openness. Plus, it encourages you to keep things neat and organised as everything is on display. 

3. Mirror, Mirror on the Wall: Just like magic, mirrors can visually double the space. Consider placing a large mirror on one wall of your kitchen. It reflects light and the surrounding areas, creating an illusion of a bigger room. It’s both functional and stylish! 

4. Strategic Lighting: Adequate lighting can transform the perception of space. A well-lit room feels more open and welcoming. Use a combination of ambient, task, and accent lighting to eliminate shadows and make your kitchen feel larger. 

5. Sleek Appliances for Small Spaces: Ever thought about using small space appliances? Compact appliances are designed to fit seamlessly into smaller kitchens. They not only save precious counter space but also add a modern touch to your kitchen’s aesthetics. Explore the complete range of Danby Appliances for innovative solutions that complement your space. 

6. Smart Storage: Say goodbye to clutter! Utilise every nook and cranny with smart storage solutions. Install pull-out pantry shelves, hooks, and magnetic racks to keep things organised without sacrificing style. 

7. Include Multi-functional Appliances: Such as a Toaster Oven that has Air-fry capabilities and takes up the same space as a traditional 4-slice toasterOr a 5 in 1 Microwave that is a microwave oven as well as a convection oven, a broiler & thermal oven all-in one footprint. 


In the end, it’s not about the size of your kitchen, but the creativity you bring to it. By employing these six clever strategies – from playing with colours to embracing open shelving and sleek appliances – you can turn your small kitchen into a visually spacious and functional haven. Remember, it’s all about creating an illusion of space and maximizing what you have. 

So, don’t let the size limit your culinary dreams. Embrace the challenge and create a kitchen that’s big on style and efficiency. And to explore innovative appliances that perfectly fit your small space, why not check out the range of Danby Appliances? They offer a variety of options that are both practical and chic. Your small kitchen transformation journey begins here. 

There you have it, six clever ways to make your small kitchen look bigger. It’s time to roll up your sleeves, get creative, and turn your compact kitchen into a masterpiece of design and functionality. Happy cooking! 


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