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Danby 3.2 Litre Compact Refrigerator

DCR34BLS This product is no longer available.
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Danby 3.2 Litre Compact Refrigerator


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This top-of-the-line refrigerator with its 3.2 cubic feet (90.6 litres) of capacity is the perfect appliance for wet bars, lunchrooms, student dormitories and other smaller living areas. The counter-high unit can easily be adjusted to suit the height of your counter and features a CanStor beverage dispenser for your favourite drinks. It also comes with an accurate mechanical thermostat and it can hold up to two-litre bottles. There is also a full-width 0.4 cubic foot capacity freezer included as well as a handy ice-cube tray and molded egg storage compartment. The 2.5 strong wire-shelving units offer maximum storage versatility while the easy-to-use push button defrosting system makes sure the unit operates continuously and smoothly. Right and left-handed users will find the clever door swing can easily be reversed and opened by the integrated door handle. Accessories can be stored on the scratch-resistant work top. This elegant fridge also comes with a year-long warranty on parts and labour.                      


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Shipping Weight 28.00kg 61.73lb
Package Dimensions
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  • 3.2 cu.ft capacity compact, counter-high fridge
  • Make ice or store frozen items in the compact 0.4 cu. ft capacity freezer section (comes with 1 ice cube tray)
  • Convenient Canstor® beverage dispensing system
  • Tall bottle storage - great for large soda bottles
  • 2.5 wire shelves for maximum storage versatility
  • Mechanical thermostat
  • No hassle push button defrost
  • Reversible door swing for convenient left or right hand opening
  • Integrated door handle
  • Scratch resistant work top is a great place to store accessories
  • Smooth back design


Have you recently opened and then closed the fridge (over the last 1-5 minutes)? If so, being unable to open the fridge again right away is an indication that your door seal is working well. An example of this is you open the fridge, grab a yogurt then close it, but then you decide you want a pudding so you try to open it again but the door seems stuck. When you opened the unit the first time for the yogurt, heat and humidity entered the fridge. When you closed the fridge, this heat was sealed into the unit. If you go to open the fridge again within 5 minutes for the pudding, it might be difficult to open the seal. Wait 5-10 minutes (this allows the hot air in the fridge to cool), when you try opening it again there should be no problem.
Yes, please allow it to sit upright for 6 hours before plugging it in.
Please refer to your product on
Information pertaining to watts and amps can be found on the rating plate located on the back of the unit.
This varies based on model. Please refer to your owner’s manual. If your knob is a dial that has a blue strip, the darker blue/thicker side indicates the coldest setting. If it is numbered, the highest number is the coldest setting. If your model has a thermostat with temperatures in °C /F, set it to the coolest temperature.
Our refrigerators are not designed for outside installation. This also includes anywhere that is not temperature controlled. ie. garages, porches, carports, etc.
It is common for new units to have a slight plastic smell. Ensure you have removed all packing material from the fridge. If that does not help, clean the inside of the unit by following the cleaning instructions included in the owner’s manual. Once completed, place an open box of baking soda in the fridge to absorb any remaining odours.
This is normal. If you feel like it is coming on too often, adjust your temperature setting.
The temperature range varies based on model. Please consult your owner’s manual or the product page on the website.
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