Tips for cooking in a smaller kitchen.

If you have a small kitchen you know that cooking is not the easiest with the very limited amount of space available. In addition to the lack of elbow room, it also does not take much for it to become messy very fast. Use these Danby tips to help optimize your kitchen space and improve your cooking process to ease the frustration that comes with cooking in a small kitchen.

Convert useless into usable; turn your kitchen sink or oven into another counter-top.

Limited amount of counter space?  Double your work-space by utilizing the surfaces in your kitchen that you are not always using such as, the other half of your oven burner or the kitchen sink. Convert these spaces into something usable by using a burner cover or an over-the-sink cutting board.  Voila!  More counter-top space for your meal prepping.

Cooking up a storm? Clean as you go.

It seems so simple yet it is easier said than done. In a small kitchen, it is imperative to keep things tidy because you simply do not have the room to ignore the mess. Eventually, it all builds up. We understand that this ‘cleaning as you go’ mantra takes practice and time to master but the reward is well worth the disaster avoidance.

Size matters; shop smaller kitchen appliances (when possible).

You might have always had full-size appliances in your kitchen but have you ever consider downsizing? You’d be surprise of how easy it is to get accustomed to a smaller appliance.

When shopping for kitchen appliances it is important to realize that you have smaller options that are a lot more feasible than you may think. These smaller appliances might be little in size but they are big on functionality and practicality. Instead of opting for the full-size refrigerator why not save space and money with a mid-size or apartment size refrigerator?  Do not stop there!  Consider down-sizing your microwave oven from a 1.1 cubic feet to a 0.6. cubic feet or going with a 20 inch oven range instead of a 24 inch. The possibilities are endless!

Not using your oven? Use it for storage.

Baking sheets, cooling racks, pots/pans, muffin trays etc. can be easily stored inside the oven when it is not being used. It is the secret kitchen cabinet that we always forget is available for us to use as storage. It is also acts as a great hiding spot for the mess you did not get around to in time to clean.

Cooking in a small kitchen does not always have to be a pain, follow these tips to make it easier on yourself!

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