The Top Recommended Microwave Recipes

Whether you are pressed for time or just interested in trying something new, give your oven a break tonight and cook dinner in your Danby microwave. It might seem like a foreign idea at first, but you’d be surprised at what this small kitchen appliance can accomplish in such a short amount of time. Here are Danby’s top microwave recipes. First, let’s get started with some yummy apps!


  • Warm Southwest Salsa with Tortilla Chips – Start your dinner off tonight with Mexican. This very easy hot dip is loaded with tomatoes, corn, black beans and flavor. Serve it fresh from your microwave.
  • Sweet Potato Chips – Great as a starter or a perfect snack to enjoy when a chip craving strikes.  For best results, we recommend using a Danby microwave (but we may be biased).

Main Course

  • Easy Microwave Jammin’ Jambalaya – Cook this Cajun trademark dish from the comfort of your own home. This easy and tasty Jambalaya microwave recipe is a family favorite.
  • Mediterranean Chicken Couscous – No pots, pans and mess are required for this delicious recipe. Serve Mediterranean straight from your microwave.
  • Easy Lasagna – Cooking lasagna just got a whole lot easier with this microwave recipe.
  • Soft Chicken Tacos – Simplify taco night with these soft chicken tacos.  Pick up a rotisserie chicken on your way home for this quick and easy dinner idea.
  • Mac and Cheese – Cheesy and easy. Do we really have to say more?

Dessert (last but definitely not least)

  • Chocolate Chip Cookie in a Cup – Not only is this the quickest way to serve a cookie craving, it’s also the only way to make cookies without running the risk of eating a whole batch in one sitting.
  • Chocolate Peanut Butter – This five minute chocolate and peanut butter cake is laced with a lot of taste. Try it tonight in your microwave!
  • Lemon Bars – Nobody wants to turn their oven on during the summer heat, that is why these lemon bars make the perfect summer dessert.

We hope we inspired the inner microwave chef in you. Be sure to check out our Pinterest board for even more microwave recipes!

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