How Keeping your Makeup Products Cold Could Make Them Last Longer

Makeup products can be expensive – they’re an investmentAs such, you’ll do anything for them to last longer and maintain consistency for weeks or months. But how can you be sure the formula won’t change if it sits in cooler temperatures? What products should be kept cold and are there any noteworthy benefits to storing products in the refrigerator?  Have no fear, we’ve got the answers.  

Organic Beauty Movement  

Over the past few years, there’s been a massive shift to organic, non-GMO type products. Although the term ‘natural’ is somewhat of a blanket term, it typically refers to products with minimal ingredients using no preservatives or harsh chemicalsBrands like Lush and others have paved the way for more natural products within the beauty industry. Preservative-free facemasks, exfoliators, primers and foundation are all popular options for those looking to implement more natural products into their beauty regime.  

Along with this shift came the notion that products free of preservatives should be kept cool in order to last longer. Which, in part is true. Many natural makeup products include directions or labels that suggest refrigeration for best results – but what about the other products?  

Why Are Beauty Products Best Kept Cool?  

When it comes to making cosmetics last longer, cooler temperatures are typically better. That’s because chemical reactions occur faster at higher temperatures.  

Makeup is prone to oxidation since many products contain oils that can turn rancid. Keeping them in the fridge can slow down the process. Perfumes also last longer if kept in the fridge since artificial fragrances contain hundreds of ingredients, some of which can go bad over time.  

What Products Should I Keep in the Fridge?   

Have you ever applied a chilled eye cream? If so, you know it feels amazing on your skin – but it does more than just that. It helps the cream to work more effectively. This also applied to facemasks, but what about everything else? 

  • Moisturizers: According to celebrity dermatologist Dr. Dennis Grosschilled moisturizer is like a cold press on the skin, which calms the skin and boosts circulation.  
  • Cleansers: Check the ingredients, but generally speaking, keeping cleaners cool can help to reduce puffiness when applied. 
  • SPF: Storing SPF in the fridge will prolong the life of the product.  
  • Primer/Foundation: Like SPF, it will prolong the product’s life. 
  • Mascara: Liquid makeup has a short shelf life and mascara is no exception. Heat can cause bacteria to grow, so be sure to keep it cool and toss it every three months. 

Storage Options  

So, how can you implement storing makeup products in the fridge? 

Of course, you can store products into your kitchen fridge. Depending on the size of your home, this may be feasible. If so, the best way to store products is in closed containers in order to avoid contaminating your food and other items with your makeup and vice versa. But in many instances, the fridge is located on a different floor from where you typically get ready – say an upstairs bathroom.  

A better solution is a compact refrigerator. If you’re prone to forgetting to put on your night cream because it’s out of sight in the kitchen, a small refrigerator in the bathroom will do the trick. A bathroom mini fridge is the ultimate sign of luxury and the perfect place to store cosmetics!  

Are There Downsides?  

There can be a few potential problems with storing certain makeup products in the fridge. For example, oil can secrete on lipstick in the form of “sweat.” If too much sweating occurs, the lipstick won’t spread on your lips properly.  

It’s also important to ensure that your products don’t freeze. If products like moisturizers become frozen, theyll fall apart as the water and oil separates and the product could potentially be ruined.  

Final tip: don’t forget to return the product to the fridge after use, as extreme temperature fluctuations can cause the product to separate. 

Enjoy Your Longer-Lasting Makeup 

Refrigeration is a great way to extend the life of your makeup products. To ensure this, be sure to find a refrigeration location that will support your habits, store them properly to avoid crosscontamination, and don’t forget to always return your products to the fridge.  

Enjoy your cooler, longer-lasting beauty products – I’m sure your wallet will as well!