How should you store your wine collection?

With the holiday season just around the corner, it is time for wine lovers to get serious about storing your wine collection. Not everyone is a wine enthusiasts but  even the most novice of wine drinkers can benefit from applying practical storage rules. Here are Danby’s most important wine storage tips and rules to help you prolong your wine’s life.

The Darker the Space the Better:
Light, especially direct sunlight can hinder the long-term storage of your wine collection. It is recommended to ensure that your wine is out of direct contact from light and in a dark space to help temperature regulation. If you are looking to purchase a wine fridge for a space that receives a lot of sunlight, look for a refrigeration unit that has UV protected glass- like Danby’s DWC040A2BDB 38 Bottle Wine cooler.

Horizontal Storage for Wine Bottles:
To keep your cork from drying out and prevent premature aging, Danby recommends that you store your bottles on its side. A dried out cork allows oxygen to seep into the bottle and too much oxygen is not good for the aging of the wine. The majority of wine fridges should only accommodate horizontal bottle storage. Can`t afford your own wine refrigerator? There are many great wine racks out there that allow you to properly store wine without having to empty your wallet.

Temperature, Temperature, Temperature:
To enjoy your wine collection at its finest, temperature matters and consistency is important. Incorrect wine temperatures affect both the nose and the taste of wine. What is the best temperature for storing wine? It all depends on the specific wine at hand but all wines are safe between 55 – 59 °F (12 – 15 °C) and 55 – 75% humidity. For wine enthusiasts who prefer storing white and red wine at different temperatures, typical temperature for red wine ranges from 53°F – 65°F, and 45°F – 50°F for white. Having the ability for your wine refrigerator to store bottles at two different temperatures is possible! Just look for dual zone wine coolers.

Impress your friends and family this holiday season by applying these very simple wine storage rules and educating them on the importance of proper wine storage.

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