‘Extra Storage’ Refrigerator – In Time for the Holidays


With the holiday season quickly approaching, our inner Pinterest-inspired-host will emerge in all their glory. If you don’t have room in your refrigerator for all fifteen dishes you plan to prepare for your friends and family, you may need to invest in additional storage space; because yes, you do need to make all five types of pies.

Thinking of buying a new refrigerator? If you are in the market for a new fridge or already have one dedicated to extra storage, there are a few common mistakes you should avoid making upon installation and usage. Here are a few key tips for even the most experienced entertainer!

• The most commonly made mistake is keeping your refrigerator in a garage, shed, or any other non-temperature-controlled environment. When a refrigeration unit is kept in a un-temperature-controlled environment, the fluctuating temperatures throughout the day put excessive strain on the unit’s compressor. Keeping your refrigerator in this type of environment will void the manufacturer’s warranty on the product. More importantly, this installation will lead to your refrigerator cooling inconsistently, and possibly failing completely. So, when installing your refrigerator, be sure it is located in an environment with a reasonable year-round temperature, with minimal fluctuation.

• When choosing a location for your refrigerator, be sure to reference your Owner’s Use and Care Guide for location specifications. Freestanding refrigerators require circulation space surrounding the unit in order to function properly. Refrigerators should not be installed flush with any walls or cabinetry.

• Another common mistake made is over stocking your refrigerator. Pressing contents up against the back wall (where the cooling coils are located) can cause these contents to freeze and for the rest of the refrigerator to cool inconsistently. If possible, try your best to spread contents throughout two or more refrigerators or freezers to avoid over-packing.

• All fridges, big or small, contain a drip tray in the back of the unit. If a unit is overstocked, in an inconsistent environment, or has less than the advised circulation space surrounding the unit, the compressor will over-work and create excess condensation. The evaporator will not be able to keep up and the drip tray will overflow, which may result in leaking and possible property damage.

Whether you are shopping for an ‘extra’ refrigerator, or already have one, these tips will help your fridge lead a long and happy life, and help you have a flawless holiday season.

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