Danby Partners with ENERGY STAR to help you save!


US residents only.

Starting this Earth Day up until Memorial Day, we will be partnering with ENERGY STAR for their Flip Your Fridge Promotion. This nationwide campaign is focused on encouraging residents to ‘Flip Your Fridge’ by replacing outdated, inefficient refrigerators with models that qualify for the EPA’S ENERGY STAR® certification like Danby’s 9.2 cu. ft. refrigerator. On top of saving on energy bills, ENERGY STAR will also be offering rebates for purchases and recycling your refrigeration unit during this campaign.


Use the ENERGY STAR Savings Calculator to find out exactly how much money you’ll save by replacing your existing refrigerator and remember cool for the planet is cool for you.


The Importance of Reading the ENERGY STAR Label on Appliances


When buying new appliances, remember that there is a significant range in energy consumption rates. You may have heard about ENERGY STAR rating. ENERGY STAR is particularly helpful because it is an internationally accepted standard for energy efficient appliances. It began in 1992 and was developed by the Environmental Protection Agency and the Department of Energy. Since that time, numerous other countries have adopted the US-created standard. Canada, Japan, Taiwan, New Zealand and Australia are just some of the countries realizing the impact of everyday energy use on the world.


ENERGY STAR was designed to encourage consumers to seek out energy-saving appliances as a means of conservation. So far the EPA estimates that in 2006 alone, about $14-million was saved as a result of consumer decisions based on the ENERGY STAR ratings. There are a lot of detailed metrics that go into the energy rating but fortunately, one of ENERGY STAR’s goals is to make it understandable to the average consumer.


The great news for homeowners is that ENERGY STAR offers ways to save hundreds, maybe even thousands, of dollars in energy costs annually. Consumers can read and compare the ENERGY STAR ratings and understand how much they will be saving if they make careful buying decisions.


The other advantage of ENERGY STAR is that it promotes the importance of environmentally friendly home ownership. As fuel and energy depletes, people are looking for ways to conserve. Hopefully, the market will continue to move towards using renewable fuels, but until that time, being mindful of conservation is critical.


If you are a homeowner in search of energy efficient appliances, remember to read the labels. ENERGY STAR labels are very straightforward. You should consider two “price tags” when shopping: one for the actual cost of the appliance and the other the ENERGY STAR label. Sure an appliance may be drastically discounted, but if it is going to cost you an extra $200 in energy costs over a year of use, it may be a bad decision. Danby offers many ENERGY STAR certified products including its newest line of compact and bar fridges, the Cotemporary Classic Collection.


If you’re a new homeowner or in the market for some energy-efficient changes, be sure to use ENERGY STAR labels as a resource. They can give you a great shot at saving money in your budget but also saving energy for generations to come.