Compact Appliances for the Tiny House Movement

Nowadays, each of us is focused on being as independent as possible and organized in every segment of our lives. That being said, many people have joined a revolution called ‘tiny house movement‘. Wondering what is it all about?

What is the Tiny House Movement?

In a nutshell, the tiny house movement is all about living simple and smart – in small homes. Whilst saving money and living a cost-effective life, the tiny house movement has reshaped the modern world, creating a new meaning of what we know as modern comfort and convenience.

Today’s manufacturers are creating small and compact appliances that work in small space and can fit in any form of household. The target group of customers is the one in need of tiny and portable appliances more than ever – and tailoring these solutions to their most particular needs is what at Danby excel at.

Appliances for a Tiny House

So, how do we all move on and life a smart, simple and cost-effective life with appliances known as ‘the next big thing’ in the tiny house movement era?

At Danby, we take pride in offering utmost quality appliances packed in small sizes and fully adapted to the convenient and modern way of living. Not only our tiny house movement appliances can be used in small homes, they can be also ideal for travelling and moving easily.

If you want to start living your life in a Tiny House Movement style, you should definitely invest in things like compact or mid-size fridges and freezers, compact ovens, portable dishwasher – or in general, build a need for living your life with a portable appliance suiting each one of your needs.

Home Decor

So, how can a tiny appliance like a portable washing machine blend in your home decor?

At Danby, we envision the Tiny House Movement not only as an era in which the portable appliance dominates the marketplace – but also an era in which design is more important than ever. Our minimalist appliances are crafted with a contemporary classic design as the best way of crafting a compact appliance that will overcome your expectations in both style and function.

Let us redefine your way of living smart and simple – one portable and compact appliance at a time!

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