5 Kitchen Cooking Tips That Work Every Time

Cooking is an artform. Its finest practitioners are justifiably celebrated; however, never let a feeling of inadequacy stop you from learning to be a better cook. Practice makes perfect, but there are short-cuts you can learn along the way to help you become more proficient in the culinary arts!

Here are five kitchen tips that will help you in your goal to becoming a master-chef:

Order In The Kitchen

Any efficient operation relies on everything being in its place and ready for use. This is also true of your kitchen and cooking area!

Before launching into that hour-long preparation of Grilled Ratatouille with Italian Sausage and Garlic Bread, you’d better make sure you have the different vegetables you need, along with the tools required to prepare them! You also want the proper cooking vessel clean and ready to go, as well as the recipe, if this is not part of your regular menu.

Having everything close at hand ensures a smooth operation and splendid results. Disorder in the kitchen inevitably leads to frustration and embarassment.

Store Foods Correctly

This seems simple enough, but not everyone takes the time to read labels. Yes, frozen foods should go in the freezer, but are other food items safe to leave in the refrigerator for extended periods? Does the food need refrigeration at all or can it just go in the cupboard?

Skip this step and you might find yourself without that key ingredient you need. Even worse, you could end up with food poisoning.

Make Sure To Prep Your Pan

Certain dishes require pans that are pre-heated and/or pre-treated with the appropriate oil or other coating. Foods benefit from this attention to detail, which ensures that they are properly cooked and boast the right taste and texture. Some foods should go into a cold pan, while others need that pan hot and sizzling.

Have that pan on hand, but also read up on when and how it needs to be ready.

Watch Your Time

Recipes state cooking times – sometimes to the second – to get the ideal result for your food. There may be variances in cooking times between ovens (actually more an issue with microwaves), but you can almost always trust in the recipe. If you chose the correct temperature and cooking duration, your food will come out as it should. Don’t wander off and watch TV while cooking: keep your mind on your work.

Create The Right Atmosphere

If you are still not 100% sure of your skills or are attempting an involved recipe for the first time, don’t fret: we all have to start somewhere and not every dish will be perfect. If the dinner in question is for a loved one or another person you are looking to impress, make time to create the right atmosphere for the meal. Dim the lights, carefully choose the wine, pick the perfect dessert.

While the food you produce is an important part of an evening, a particularly relaxing and inviting atmosphere can
help paper over any damage caused by a slightly overcooked entrée. Your judge will appreciate the additional care and thoughtfulness, and grade appropriately.

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