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Premiere 7 cu. ft. Freezer

    • Premiere 7 cu. ft. Freezer - DCF709W

    Premiere 7 cu. ft. Freezer

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      Smart Move.


      Product Width100.97 cm39 12/16"
      Product Depth52.07 cm20 8/16"
      Product Height83.50 cm32 7/8"
      Shipping Weight44.00kg97.00lb
      Loading Capacity
      • 7 cu. ft.
      • 198.2 Liters


      • 7 cu.ft. (198.2 Liter) capacity chest freezer
      • Manual Defrost
      • Temperature range -13°C to 10.4°C (-25°F to -12°F)
      • One storage basket
      • Mechanical thermostat
      • Defrost drain


      24 months parts and labour coverage with In Home service. Installation and/or Yearly Maintenance (cleaning) are not covered under warranty.


      Please refer to your product on
      Information pertaining to watts and amps can be found on the rating plate located on the back of the unit.
      We do not recommend using an extension cord.
      The temperature range varies based on model. Please consult your owner’s manual or the product page on the website.
      Have you recently opened and then closed the freezer (over the last 1-5 minutes)? If so, being unable to open the unit again right away is an indication that your door seal is working well.
      Is it plugged in and turned on? Did you allow the unit to sit upright for 6 hours prior to plugging the unit in? If yes, to all of the above and it is still not cooling, please contact consumer care.
      Our freezers are not designed for outside installation. This also includes anywhere that is not temperature controlled. IE. garages, porches, carports, etc.
      This varies based on unit and model. See your owner’s manual for defrost type and instructions.