Air Conditioner Shortage in 2023? 

The summer weather forecast is hot! Hot across all North America. The “burning” question amongst weather geeks is – will it be record breaking heat yet again? The question consumers are asking is “how do I get my hands on an air conditioner before they run out again this year?” 

Retailers are seeing an earlier than usual spike in sales of air conditioners as a result of a rare “triple-dip” La Nina that has been wreaking havoc on the weather since 2020. Add to the weather chaos, a global pandemic that caused parts shortages and supply chain hang ups that are still plaguing certain industries, it is no wonder that consumers are buying air conditions while they can. 

Another hit to the consumer is that there is an HVAC labour shortage, as many news channels report daily – an overall labor shortage in skilled trades is hampering installation and servicing of many electrical, plumbing and HVAC issues in homes. To avoid disrupted sleep and overheated homes, consumers are taking matters into their own hands and purchasing portable and window air conditioners en masse. 

What do we recommend? Do your research on what air conditioner is right for you and purchase now, before they run out. We have created a great checklist of questions to help guide you in the right direction of what kind of air conditioner is best for you. Window, portable, split- oh my! The choices are endless, and it can be confusing, but we can help! With time being critical, and spring/summer like temperatures already hitting certain regions, the time to act is now. 

The biggest learning a consumer can take away is knowing how big your room is that you need cooled. You don’t want to spend more money on something that will be too powerful for the area of your room, and you also don’t want to waste money on a unit that is too small and isn’t effective in cooling your space The square footage of your area is what is required. Here is a link to a great tool on how to do that calculation. 

Ultimately you want a comfortable living space for this upcoming sizzler of a summer! Do your research and purchase the right air conditioner at your local retailer soon – before they run out! 


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