Why You Need Two Freezers

Did you know that a full freezer retains cold air better than an empty one? With more frozen food occupying the unit, your freezer will not have to work as hard to cool the empty space. But how full is too full? It is recommended that your freezer is at 75% capacity, leaving room for the air to circulate. If you are someone who typically has their freezer at 100% capacity, this knowledge will not only save you energy when looking for frozen foods but save your freezer energy as well.  

Rather than scaling back, reap the benefits of having a secondary freezer! 


Just like the return to school and the office, rushed mealtimes are back too! Store lesser used food items in your stand-alone freezer and dedicate your primary freezer to everyday items. Whether that be frozen waffles and pizza, frozen fruits for smoothies, or meals that have been made ahead of time.  

Extend the shelf life 

After spending time tending to your garden all season, you don’t want it to go to waste. Once you are done making soups, sauces, and jams, freeze the rest of your harvest!  

Aside from potatoes, lettuce and cucumbers, nearly everything from your garden can be frozen. Freeze your fruits, vegetables, and herbs for up to a year. Not sure where to get started? Learn the ins and outs of freezing your crops here. 

Buy in bulk  

With current supply chain disruptions, it can be hard to find meat in the supermarket, or at least at the right price. Buying from a farm or butcher will help cut down on trips to the grocery store and is a great way to support your community. Having a secondary freezer makes it possible! This additional storage is also ideal for hunted game, and with Danby’s Garage-Ready Freezers, you don’t have to bring it inside the house. 

“After looking at the 14 cu. ft. model, we decided to buy it, and really glad we did. Plenty of room, super quiet, and freezes food solid as a rock! We stocked up on regular food for Covid and I was able to fit the meat from two deer with ease. Highly recommend this freezer!!”  – Review from our website

Model reviewed above (DUF140E1WDD)

Opt for Energy Star®

Hesitant about what adding another freezer will do to your electrical bill? Energy Star® certified freezers are 10 percent more energy efficient than the minimum federal standard. In fact, you can check the estimated yearly energy cost for a particular model on our website. With a freezer running 24/7, it’s important to go with the more environmentally-friendly option.

Whether you have a growing family or you want to save money by shopping in bulk, Danby’s freezers are the perfect solution for any lifestyle. 

Learn more about our freezers in our Freezer Buying Guide and Garage Ready Freezer blog.

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