Moving away for school? Well, What’s In YOUR Fridge?

Nearing the end of August, you can insert that proverbial saying: it’s that time of year again! That bittersweet time of year for both parents and their “kids” who are, depending on where they are headed, going off to faraway cities to attend post-secondary school. It’s bitter for parents because they may have to shell out for thousands in books and tuition, but sweet because they get the peace and quiet that comes with shipping them off. On the other hand, it’s bitter for students because they are embarking on an academic journey that is, by no means, a walk in the park. Yet, it is sweet for them as they are going off on their own and experiencing their own independence.

So as you’re getting ready to go away to school with bedding and books, you also have to worry about food. It is also important to consider the nourishment that will feed your mind, the minds of the next generation of brilliant thinkers and tinkerers. Are you unsure as to what to pack in terms of food? Or just need a reminder of what to bring with you? Here is a list of the basics that will not only sustain you, but provide your brain with the power it needs to soak in all of the material you will be taught in the coming years.


Whole Grains: Multigrain breads and oatmeal will help improve your blood flow, and better blood flow equals fewer brain road blocks. That’s an equation we can all understand and relate to.

Dark Fruits and Vegetables: Fruits, like blueberries and blackberries, and veggies, like spinach and broccoli, are an excellent source of antioxidants, which not only help promote healthy brain activity but will help reduce your risk of certain diseases.

Water: Drinking plenty of water and keeping your brain hydrated will allow it to work better, react faster and boost your memory: perfect for all those late night cramming sessions!

Omega-3 Foods: Foods rich with Omega-3 fatty acids such as Tuna, a majority of nuts and salmon, are all important in brain function.

Dairy: Including dairy into your diet, such as a simple glass of milk, can not only help improve memory function, but can help boost your body’s intake of nutrients and improve heart function.

Chocolate: Crazy right?! We were all taught that sweets would rot our teeth and increase body weight. But studies show that small amounts of dark chocolate can help improve focus and concentration. As if we needed another reason to eat chocolate.

Coffee: As if chocolate being part of the list wasn’t unbelievable enough, caffeine can actually help boost mental acuity and is also full of antioxidants. Careful though, the more cream and sugar you add, the more you reduce the positive effect of coffee or tea.

Healthy Snacks: Granola bars, yogurt, pretzels, popcorn, nuts, fruit cups with light syrup, and pre-cut veggies are all nutritious snacks that you can throw in your backpack on the way to class.

*Although the information given about the food above was based on research done over the Internet, no guarantee is made that any of the statements given will be valid

Tip: freeze a bottle of water the night before and put it in your bag for those snacks you need to keep cold.

Do you have any foods that you think should be added to the list?

So now that you have a list of foods to stock your fridge with, we all have our own method as to how to arrange the food once it is in there. What would you say if there was a way that you could win $1,000 towards your tuition just by taking a picture of that fridge of yours?

Danby has launched a contest on Facebook called “What’s in YOUR Fridge?” where one lucky student will win $1,000 towards their tuition and a Danby Beverage Center. To enter:
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Be sure to submit your photo early as the contest closes October 25th, 2013. All the best in your upcoming academic endeavors!