What You Should Consider Before You Buy a Fridge

Most people overestimate the space required for their refrigerator when designing a kitchen layout. Of course it would be great if we could all have a massive refrigerator to fit everything we could possibly imagine, however, the imagination falls short when we don’t properly consider the environment in which the appliance will live.

Before you welcome your new refrigerator to your home, consider these 5 tips.

1. Measure your opening

Depending on your layout, you could either have a box cutout or an open space that runs next to the cabinetry. Either way, you will have to measure the allocated space for your fridge, taking note of height, width and depth. Moreover, make sure there is a proper power port near the rear of the intended space and leave extra room for the fridge to be plugged in. Refer to the product specification’s to determine your options and narrow your search.

The Danby DFF070B1BSLDB-6 medium sized refrigerator is the right fit for any apartment, office or condo.

2. What type do you need?

Determine how you will use this fridge and what size will fit your space

  • If it’s mainly for drinks, consider a beverage center.
  • Wine lovers! Decide if a wine cooler is the best option for you.
  • If this is for a smaller living space look into a compact refrigerator.
  • If you looking for a fridge for a trailer, apartment, basement or dorm perhaps look into an apartment size refrigerator.
  • Determine if you need an added freezer compartment. Fridges can have top or bottom mounted freezer options or come in an all-fridge design.

3. Ventilation is Vital

As well as leaving room for the unit to be plugged in, consider that fridges that DO NOT specify if they are built-in are considered free-standing. Freestanding units require at least 12.7 cm (5 inches) of space between the back, sides and top of the appliance and all adjacent walls. This is true for apartment-sized, and compact refrigerators. The only exception would be Silhouette by Danby units, and units that indicate that they can be built-in. Leaving room for your new refrigerator to breathe is very important and can impact its longevity and warranty, as well as become a potential hazard.

Danby built in and freestanding wine coolers
The Danby DWC508BLS (left) is 50 bottle wine cooler that has the option to be built in. The freestanding DWC040A3BSSDD (right) can hold and chill up to 38 bottles.

4. Create a Plan

Fridges are heavy! Your fridge will not come disassembled, making it more of a challenge to install once it arrives. Be sure to measure doorways and/or stairwells as you create a path for when the fridge arrives. Consult with the delivery company if you have any concerns about the feasibility of your path before the scheduled delivery.

5. Which way will your door open?

Some units – such as most compacts – will have a reversible door that can be changed anytime with the hardware provided. Others will have non-reversible hinges that will only open a certain way. Make sure you know the difference. The last thing anybody wants is to buy a fridge that will ultimately open in a direction that causes major inconvenience when you’re cooking or midnight indulging.

Danby Contemporary Classic Apartment Size Refrigerator with reversible door
The DAR110A3MDB is built for convenience as the reversible door hinge allows you to adjust it for either left or right-handed opening.

Check out the variety of compact, apartment sized, wine coolers, and beverage centers Danby has to offer.

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