What is Lomi

Every day people are taking more interest in the future of our planet. Doing little things to help reduce their waste and impact on the earth. Danby is no exception to this as we work to reduce our waste and what makes it’s way to the landfill. Part of this initiative is to re manufacture our returned products back to brand new working condition. In this post you will learn what is Lomi.


Enter the Lomi, the first ever countertop composter that turns waste into soil within 24 hours.
Lomi uses 60kWh of energy per 100 cycles. That’s less than an energy star approved refrigerator. And those 100 Lomi cycles make a big positive impact. They equate to: 220 lbs. of food waste diverted from landfill & 18 lbs. of methane emissions avoided.

Danby has partnered with Pela Earth to use our facilities to help reduce even more waste by making sure that several Lomi units can continue to cut down on their waste in the landfills. Once we refurbish these units they can be purchased in one of our outlet locations in Guelph, Calgary and Findlay. If you don’t live near those locations you can always grab a unit online here.