Timeless Porch Decorating Tips that Help to Prevent Parcel Theft

The porch has many purposes. It’s where onlookers judge a home’s a curb appeal, where we greet our guests, and where you can just sit and relax on a warm summer’s eve.

Most importantly, it’s where couriers drop off our online deliveries.

Who wouldn’t love to update their porch décor and prevent parcel theft in one sweep? Whatever your style, these functional porch decorating tips can make it happen.

Add Seasonal Planters

Seasonal planters are a timeless, simple, and stunning way to add pops of colour to your front porch. Swing by a local garden centre or pull on the gardening gloves to create your own!

Sprinkle in a few seasonal flourishes (think pumpkins in the fall or bows in the winter) and you’ve got an eye-catching arrangement that doubles as online delivery protection. Just ask the courier to hide the parcel behind the planters.

This container garden showcase is a great spot for inspiration.

Take a Seat

From rocking chairs to porch swings, seating is a porch decorating mainstay.

Porch and patio furniture have caught up to their indoor counterparts in style and comfort, with plush sofas and comfy ottomans that wouldn’t look out of place in your living room. Plus, they’re easily customizable with colourful, waterproof throw cushions.

The best part? Adding outdoor seating turns the porch into an extension of your living space. Plus, it creates another place to hide parcels on your porch.

Increase Privacy

No covered porch? No problem. Creative homeowners have drawn inspiration from warmer climates to add airy, stylish curtains to their porch set-up.

These additions serve double-duty as a boost to style and privacy.

Several tutorials use durable drop-cloths as porch screens; another uses light fabric for a semi-transparent screen. All succeed in providing a cool, laid-back vibe and the perfect parcel hiding-place.

Place a Surface

You’ve added a comfortable chair, a colourful planter, and a screen for privacy. What’s next? A place to place your drink, of course.

There’s lots of room for creativity when it comes to adding a side table to your porch. Wood crates and terracotta planters are great for a rustic look; stores that sell patio chairs and sofas are bound to have plenty of options to match your décor.

Make a Finishing Touch

Whether your porch space is big or small, there’s always room for more personality. Accent your porch set with something that speaks to your personal style, like softly-lit string lights, a seasonal wreath, or wall hangings.

Parcel thieves tend to be opportunists, acting only when they’re sure they can get away with it. Strategically-placed furniture and décor can greatly reduce the risk of losing your parcels to theft.

The more your porch looks lived-in and manicured, the less vulnerable it is to potential porch pirates.

Some thieves are bold, however, and the only sure way to stop them is a secure parcel mailbox. Fortunately, its neutral finish goes seamlessly with any porch décor style.