This Next-Level Beauty Fridge is the Ultimate Summer Must-Have

Why should fizzy drinks and rosé be the only things that get chilled?

Whether it’s a welcome blast of air conditioning, a refreshing dip in the lake or a tall frosty glass filled with crushed ice and a crisp bevvy, there are a myriad of methods to cool down when you need to beat the heat. So why not extend that chill to your skincare? Hear us out! Yes the idea of a beauty fridge might sound weird or indulgent at first, or just another viral trend from Tik Tok, but there are legit reasons why you might want one. And the latest one to hit the market is Danby’s Mini Fridge with Mirror and Light. With over 75 years of experience in refrigeration, they’ve added details like an adjustable thermostat for a cooling range of 2-8 C, plus an activated front door mirror and LED light with dimmer.

But here’s three other benefits of a beauty fridge:

It Keeps your Favourites Fresh

beauty fridge

“The cold helps ingredients stay potent for longer – especially antioxidants, growth factors and peptides – as well as extending their shelf life.” Says Dr Barbara Kubicka. Anything labeled “keep in a cool, dark place” will benefit from being stored in a beauty fridge. Undesirable chemical reactions–such as oxidation–will be delayed with refrigeration. Ingredients like retinol, benzoyl peroxide and vitamin C, which break down in the presence of heat, will be kept as stable as possible. As with food, chilling will also keep bacteria at bay.

It’s a Soothing Superhero

Summer Must-Have

If you’ve ever spent a night weeping (and we’ve all been there), you know those puffy lids will be greeting you in the mirror come morning. Eliminate the signs of a not-so-great night with products that have been chilled in your beauty fridge. Cool temperatures constrict blood vessels and help with drainage of lymphatic fluid, so no one will have a clue you ugly cried the night before once you get that frosty jade roller working in an equally cold depuffing eye cream–trust¬. Bonus: Cool to the touch products will also help soothe any redness and calm itchiness, whether it’s due to an unwelcome sunburn or a surprise allergic reaction.

It’s the Best Hot Weather Reprieve

Next-Level Beauty Fridge

Have you ever come home after being outside when it’s sweltering hot, humid and sticky? Chances are you walked straight to your fridge, opened the door to it and stood in front to bask in the refreshing air. You can elevate that experience by opening up your Danby fridge, stocked to the brim with cooling facial mists and masks. Spritz away and layer your skincare for an instant self-care session; then, splay out on the couch, crack open your favourite afternoon sipper, flip on your favourite show to binge-watch, and feel your skin slowly cool down. Bliss!

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