The Many Reasons Why You Should Purchase a Beverage Center

Why go out and unnecessarily spend money to entertain your friends when you could make a smarter investment in your house instead? A beverage refrigerator, which is sometimes referred to as a beverage center, can introduce a fresh spark into your home’s dynamic. These drink fridges bring convenience and efficiency into any home scenario.

Their specific design holds both cans and bottles that would otherwise take up valuable room in your fridge. Don’t have a two-litre bottle cluttering up your normal refrigerator’s shelves. Reclaim your space in a Danby beverage center!

Entertain with ease

If you are having a party, you are likely getting fully stocked with all the food and drinks you will need. A common problem is that your fridge can’t handle this sudden rush of beverages. Why not use a beverage refrigerator instead? Alternatively, you can be prepared for anything even if you get an unexpected guest.

You can place one of our drink fridges in any room of the house, conveniently located for you and your guest’s preference. If you are down in your basement , don’t worry about hauling yourself upstairs every time you need refreshment. Bring the refreshment to you with a beverage center.

The same idea applies for game rooms, or home gyms. Don’t waste your time buying ice and making room in an awkward cooler—simply use your fridge to do the work for you.

Sleek and modern designs

Many beverage refrigerators include glass doors to highlight their contents so that you know what you are getting into, using lights to showcase the goods even further. Most beverage coolers have easily adjustable shelves so that you can modify yours to store exactly what you need without the hassle.

Beverage refrigerators have a stylish look that can really bring some pizzazz to your house. Whether you have a wine cooler, a kegerator, or a beverage center, you can bring something unique to your house that will be the envy of all your friends.

Investing in efficiency

Don’t waste valuable energy by opening your main refrigerator door constantly. We have all been there: you want a cold drink, but you can’t quite decide what you are craving. Every return trip to the fridge is wasting valuable energy as you scan the shelves while holding the door open. Peep through the glass instead!

Beverage centers are specifically designed for smart flows of cold air, making the refrigeration of your cold drinks both convenient and energy efficient. Save on energy bills by investing in a Danby beverage center.

Choosing the right fridge

There are two different kinds of beverage centers available: freestanding and built-in fridges. Freestanding units stand alone and you can place them almost anywhere in your home, while the design of a built-in beverage center or under-counter unit fits directly into your kitchen cabinet space.

Freestanding models need at least two inches of free space on the top and sides, and at least three inches on the back. This space allows proper ventailation to occur to help the appliance function properly. It also preserves the life of your model by not making your beverage center’s compressor work too hard.

Built-in units come with a vent on the front of the model that gets rid of the hot air, so you don’t need the same space. These models typically cost a little more, but the investment is certainly worthwhile depending on the desired location in your home or office.

No matter how dynamic or functional you want your beverage center, there is a model for everyone that will suit your specific needs. Find yours today!

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