The hardest worker in your holiday kitchen

That old pop-up toaster (that never worked right) sitting in the corner of your kitchen counter is so last decade! An appliance that has multiple functions is the latest must-have space-saver. “Multitasking products are extremely popular right now, because they free up valuable storage and counter space by wrapping multiple appliances into one,” says Kimberly Mann of Danby product training. This is especially beneficial when you’re preparing several dishes at once during holiday entertaining.

The Danby 0.9 cu. ft./25L Convection Toaster Oven with Air Fry Technology can take the place of just about every cooking appliance in even today’s most well-appointed kitchens. It takes up relatively little space (about the size of a mid-size microwave) and prepares food evenly with amazing efficiency — everything from toast to chicken wings and pizza to cake — making it the latest choice for cooks of all ages and abilities.

Usually, you’ll find small kitchen appliances that do two or three functions, sometimes more. But the versatile Danby Convection Toaster Oven has eight pre-programmed cooking functions — air fry, toast, bake, cookie, broil, pizza, dehydrate or warm. You just select the program, slide in your food, and the oven does the rest, cooking to perfection!


“It does the job of so many different appliances — an oven, microwave, toaster, dehydrator and air fryer,” says Jim Estill, Danby owner and chief executive officer. “And think about all that extra counter space you’ll get back.”

Preparing a big breakfast for the whole family? Rather than toasting two or four slices at a time in a conventional toaster, the Danby Convection Toaster Oven can easily toast up to six slices of bread at once — without all the glitches you usually find with your old toaster. It’s also just the right size to prepare a 12-inch pizza or two servings of french fries and chicken nuggets.

Air frying is one of the healthiest and tastiest ways to prepare foods such as potatoes, chicken, and other meats and vegetables. It’s a game changer for those who want to enjoy their favourite fried foods and crispy snacks without consuming all the excess fat of deep frying, explains Victoria Freeman, marketing manager and Danby spokesperson. Just lightly toss or spray some healthy oils onto frozen french fries or chicken wings, and the power of circulating heated air around the food will crisp it up, just the way you like it. Air frying is also a great way to reheat leftover pizza, delivering pizzeria-quality results.

Bake a cake, a tray of cookies, a chicken — whatever’s on the menu, the Danby Convection Toaster Oven uses 1,800 powerful watts to cook food fast and evenly. In combination with a circulating fan, the convection feature roasts, broils and air-fries for even browning and searing.

The Danby Convection Toaster Oven even has a dehydration feature, using low heat to dehydrate anything from berries to deli meats.

The oven comes with all the “extras” you’ll need, including a food tray, wire rack, crumb tray, food tray handle, air fry rack — and a two-year limited warranty. The temperature settings range from 150 to 450 F, and you can set the automatic shut-off timer for up to 90 minutes.

Finally, the Danby Convection Toaster Oven is energy efficient, using less energy than a full-size oven — or use it to keep foods warm while other foods are cooking on your stove or in the conventional oven. It’s a great choice for your holiday meals — and every day cooking.


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