Single Hose vs. Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioners

While purchasing an air conditioners is often a response to hot summer weather, it is one that requires a lot of thought.

Window or portable? Single or dual hose? How many BTUs are needed to efficiently cool your space?

Instead of selecting the most inexpensive air conditioner, take some time to find the right model for you, which in turn, will save you money!

Recently, portable air conditioners have been gaining popularity. Apartment dwellers don’t want to sacrifice their view, and others want the flexibility of moving the unit room-to-room.

However, not all portable air conditioners are alike. One major difference is their exhaust hose.

Single Hose versus Dual Hose

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The single hose portable air conditioner pulls air from inside the room and expels the warmed air and moisture outside, which creates negative air pressure. The result is that the air must be replaced in the room and is consequently sucked in from cracks beneath doors or around windows. This warm air, in turn, forces the unit to work harder to keep the room cool.

In general, single hose units are less expensive, easier to store, and overall best suited for smaller spaces.

Danby Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner

Dual hose portable air conditioners, as the name suggests, feature two exhaust hoses. One that functions as an air exhaust hose and the other that will draw air in from the outside. The air that is taken in from the room is cooled inside the unit and then expelled back into the room. Since the process of cooling air generates heat inside the unit, the second hose intakes air from the outside which is used to cool the unit’s condenser coils and compressor.

Dual hose units can cool an area more quickly and efficiently than the single hose variants, making them ideal for larger spaces.

Danby’s Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioners

With a convenient 3-in-1 design: air conditioner, fan, and dehumidifier, Danby’s dual hose portable air conditioners ensure you and your guests feel comfortable no matter the weather outside!

Danby Dual Hose Portable Air Conditioner
  • Dual Hose – Minimum Heat Leakage, Maximum Cooling. Easy to Install and save space
  • Inverter compressor – Maintain temperature set quietly: An inverter-driven compressor rarely shuts off, so it is always ready to speed up or down to match the heating or cooling demand. It adjusts in increments of 1% or less to exactly match the cooling requirement.  Cycles are slow, vary slightly as needed, and are continuous which makes them very efficient, hence temperatures are very balanced with quieter operations.
  • Smart Control – Control the temperature in your space anytime, from anywhere with voice control
  • Auto Restart – Unit automatically restarts after a power failure
  • R32 Refrigerant – Environmentally friendly, R32’s GWP (Global Warming Potential) is 3x lower than R410a
  • 80-degree Wide-angle air vent – Stronger airflow that leads to greater circulation.  Airflow distance is 193% more than traditional PACs

Learn more about Danby’s dual hose portable air conditioner ideal for cooling spaces up to 500 sq. ft. here and 600 sq. ft. here.

By now, it should be obvious that portable air conditioners are not just black and white, although Danby’s color options are! Be proactive and find the best air conditioner from your home today on our website.

Our recommendation: opt for a single hose portable air conditioner for spaces under 500 sq. ft. and a dual hose for spaces 500-600 sq. ft.

Inspired by Compact Appliance and Elite Heating and AC.

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