Savings Powered By Mom

Everyone has that parent or grandparent that refuses to upgrade their appliances because the old, sometimes wood panelled, appliance they have still works! Why would they want to spend money to replace something that isn’t broken? This is the same mentality that my Mom has.

When I was at her house, I noticed that, not only was her 8 cubic foot chest freezer barely full, it was also 15-20 years old and not an Energy Star appliance. Energy Star is consistently making sure that the products that have their seal of approval are the most energy efficient products on the market. After some back and forth and sound reasoning, I finally got my Mom to agree to a new energy efficient freezer and dishwasher.

As I was getting ready to leave the office one day, I stopped at the Danby Outlet Store and purchased a 5.5 cubic foot chest freezer (DCF055A1WDB) for my Mom. I thought this would be the perfect size for her because it is small, but not so small that she would notice the sudden change in freezer space.

I loved the way that this unit was designed! It was so easy to unpack, once we got the unit into the house, all we had to do was cut the straps around the carton and the top of the box popped right off. Furthermore, the freezer was so easy to move into place because it is equipped with 2 wheels for easy movement. I know from experience that freezers (and most appliances that give off heat) require space between the back and sides of the unit and the wall, and what do you know, the hinges on the freezer lid acted as the perfect spacer.

It was over a year that my Mom really started to see the difference as her hydro bills arrived. Over the course of a year, having started using 2 new energy efficient appliances, my Mom’s hydro bill decreased by 60%! In a month this might not seem like a lot, but over the course of a year this adds up to over $300 in savings, which means the unit pays for itself.

I know that a lot of people are skeptical of whether or not energy efficient appliances are all they’re cracked up to be, my Mom was one of them, but after seeing the savings on her bill, she plans on only buying efficient appliances from now on.

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Look at the Hydro savings here! Click on each image to expand, and see for yourself how much it’s possible to save with energy efficient appliances.