Laundry Day Will Be a Breeze – The Danby Twin Tub Laundry System

The Danby Twin Tub Laundry System is a portable washing machine that is a great addition for any home.

It’s light weight design and durable built-in castors ensure effortless movement of the appliance.

The Danby Twin Tub is an excellent portable solution to wash not only clothing, but items such as cloth diapers, cleaning rags, uniforms, and heavily soiled clothes that you may want to keep out of your regular washing machine as well. The Danby Twin Tub is also ideal for use as your main washing machine in apartments, trailers and cottages, anywhere laundry space is limited.

In addition to the main wash cycle tub, there is a second tub that is used for the spin cycle function – which removes the excess water and enables faster drying times on racks, lines, and dryers.

With the ability to wash nearly 10lbs of clothing at a time, this energy efficient appliance features a full-length agitator and a 1400 RPM spin cycle. The Danby Twin Tub also features a safety lid which halts the appliance when opened and the built-in overflow protection ensures water stays where it should… in the tub!

Setting up the Danby Twin Tub is easy. Simply attach the quick connect hose to the appliance and the faucet.  The quick connect attachment fits most standard faucets, so there is no need for direct plumbing.

With one wash option, one rinse option, and one drain option – laundry day will be a breeze!

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