Kitchen Gadgets Coming to Danby in 2022

Close to two years into the pandemic what people buy, cook, and eat has been shaped by the eat-at-home trend. According to the research firm Hunter, people have adapted their eating experience as the pandemic unfolded, with 71% saying they will continue to cook more after the pandemic. This habit is driven by the increase in home cooks’ creativity and confidence in the kitchen, as well as the motivation that cooking at home helps to save money (67%), eat healthier (56%), and feel good (56%).

With people cooking more than ever before, why not add some new Danby kitchen gadgets to your cooking repertoire.

Air Fryer

Danby Air Fryer

Looking for a guilt-free way to enjoy all your favorite foods? Enjoy cooking healthier and delicious ‘fried’ food with Danby’s new Air Fryer. “Air-frying is everywhere today. Consumers are excited about the healthy preparation of some of their favorite “less healthy food choices”. Air-frying uses the power of circulating heated air and a small amount of oil to brown and crisp foods. The Danby 3.2 L is large enough to prepare food for 4 yet ideal for small spaces as it is no wider than many double toasters.” said Kimberly Mann, Danby’s Product Trainer

This model is equipped with a timer for up to 30 minutes and has a wide adjustable temperature range of 280°F – 400°F (140°C – 200°C), perfect to suit most recipes. The removable dishwasher-safe basket makes this easy to clean, and the sleek, compact design makes it easy to store. In addition, the 6-item cooking guides, including chicken, fish, and more, make it the perfect addition to any kitchen.

Smokeless Grill 

Danby Smokeless Grill

Wish you could grill all year round, no matter the weather condition? “BBQ lovers will love this smokeless grill by Danby, allowing you to recreate the authentic grilled taste indoors. This electric grill uses a fan and filtration system to protect the home’s air quality. Small space living environments will appreciate the smokeless cooking experience of this indoor grill. Air contaminants produced by cooking are blown to the center of the grill by fans at either end, to be pulled downward through a filter, where they are captured,” said Mann.

This model has reversible grill and griddle plates that can be set independently. Grill steaks on one side and toast the buns on the griddle on the other side! The two sides of this unit can be operated separately, with independent on/off and temperatures. This indoor grill heats up to an even, constant temperature range of 194°F – 392°F (90°C – 200°C) across the grill, avoiding burnt spots or rare centers. With 1800 watts of power, you can enjoy faster direct heating than a traditional BBQ grill. In addition, each dishwasher safe plate can be ejected with a button for easy clean-up.

Glass Kettle

Danby Glass Kettle

Enjoy the perfect cup of tea, hot chocolate, or make instant meals with Danby’s 1.2 L capacity glass kettle. Ideal for small households to make a quick drink or for the college student short on time but in need of a quick meal. Features include; a blue LED indicator light when turned on and a built to last design that is compact, space-saving, and looks great in any modern kitchen. With 1500 watts, this electric kettle is easy to operate, store, and boil water faster than a microwave. The powerful rapid-boil system provides fast heating from any standard outlet, and the auto shut-off function helps keep the kettle from boiling dry.

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