Kitchen Appliance Cleaning: Toaster Edition

How to clean your toaster?

For most of us, we use this countertop appliance everyday however, it isn’t always at the forefront of our cleaning list. Perhaps the best and worst part of this counter-top appliance is that the mess is contained inside the actual unit. This tends to make cleaning a bit tricky. Here are Danby’s 6 steps to cleaning your toaster oven.

  1. Line your kitchen table with a layer of newspaper to help contain the mess in one spot and minimize the cleanup time. You can easily substitute the newspaper with any other table cover you have at your disposal.
  2. Make sure the toaster is completely cooled before unplugging it and bringing it to the kitchen table.
  3. Most toasters have an easily removable tray at the bottom. Remove the tray and empty all the crumbs in the garbage (TIP: this also makes great bird feed). You can clean the tray in your sink. If your toaster does not have this option you can opt for the classic “flip-and-dump” routine and shake out all the crumbs. Using a small basting brush, clear out the crumbs that were not easily removed.
  4. Wipe the exterior with a soft, damp cloth and gentle soap if necessary. Don’t forget the knobs. Try your best to clean the hard to reach crevices.
  5. You are done! All you have left is to clean up all the crumbs by trashing the newspaper

At Danby we know kitchen appliances; we also know that all your kitchen appliances deserve some tender, love and care from time to time. Toasters are the kitchen appliance that can go easily ignored, but try to make it a habit to clean this overworked (and under-appreciated) kitchen appliance more frequently. Looking for more cleaning tips for your kitchen appliance? Start here.

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