Key Things To Look For When Choosing A Wine Display Unit

Choosing a wine display unit? Do you enjoy wine on special occasions? Are you a dedicated wine connoisseur? In both cases, you won’t want the taste of your wine to be compromised. The goal with a glass of wine is to enjoy and revel in its taste. Savour the experience!

wine display unit

This is why storing your wine properly is important to fully enjoying it. But why settle for the basics? Revel in your wine even before you open the bottle to drink it—showcase it from start to finish. With this in mind, here are five key things to look for when choosing a wine display unit:

Integrated Door Locks

Worried about someone accidently bumping into the display? Want to give your wine extra protection? Look for a wine display unit with integrated door locks. These locks will help tightly secure the bottles of wine. You don’t need to worry about precarious storage with these locks!

Superior Air Flow

One of the most important things when it comes to storing wine is the temperature. If the environment is too warm or too cold, the wine and its taste will be compromised when you go to open it. Its lifespan will be dramatically shortened.

Part of the key to maintaining the perfect, steady temperature is air flow, which is why you should look for a wine display unit with an integral air flow system, like Silhouette’s Renoir. This will help circulate the air and regulate the overall temperature in the wine display unit so you can maintain the quality taste of your wine! In fact, the Renoir actually maintains the temperature of your wine within a quarter degree of the set temperature.

Picturesque Display

Why settle for just storing your wine? Don’t hide it away, put it on display! Showcasing your wine helps you share your passion with everyone. In addition, showcasing your wine actually helps you easily identify which bottle of wine you want to have on a particular evening—no more rooting around and pulling out multiple bottles until you find what you want.

silhouette renoir wine display

One of the major features of the Renoir wine display unit that makes it more than just wine storage is its picturesque front, which features a seamless, triple pane, low-e glass. This ensures you can fully highlight all the wine you store inside the unit—no bottle will be left in the shadows!

Pocket Doors

Don’t want to open the whole wine display unit to take out a single bottle? Choose a unit with discreet pocket doors so you can not only easily remove a single wine bottle, but do so discreetly!

LED Display Lighting

Do you want to really put the spotlight on your wine? LED lighting will enhance your wine display instantly! You can even kick things up a notch when the lighting activates because of a motion sensor—you reach for wine, the display shines the light.

Sleek Design

Your wine tastes good, so why not make it look good too? Choosing a wine display unit with a sleek and innovative design, like the Renoir, ensures the wine display unit merges perfectly with your home, drawing the focus to the bottles inside.

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