Is it Time for a Beverage Center?

It’s likely you have already made the shift to a home office and home theatre, but have you created your home bar? And no, the two cans on the door don’t count! With larger grocery hauls taking up more space in your fridge, it has become more challenging to get your hands on a refreshing beverage.

Sparkling or still? Pepsi or Coke? Pint or Pinot? Have all your favourites in one place with a beverage center from Danby!

Elevate your space

You’re spending more time at home, so you might as well enjoy it. According to Ipsos, since March, nearly half of Canadians have sought home improvement or are planning to do so through the purchase of new furniture, electronics or appliances. Along with their functionality, Danby’s beverage centers have a sleek and modern design that can bring some pizzazz to your space.

Whether for the game room, bar, kitchen or even the cottage, Danby has a beverage center that will suit your specific needs.

Invest in efficiency

Don’t waste valuable energy by opening your main refrigerator door constantly. We’ve all been there: you want a cold drink, but you can’t quite decide what you’re craving. Every return trip to the fridge is wasting valuable energy as you scan the shelves while holding the door open. Peep through the glass instead!

Beverage centers are specifically designed for smart flows of cold air, making the refrigeration of your cold drinks both convenient and energy efficient. Save on energy bills by investing in a Danby beverage center.

Choosing the right fridge

There are two different kinds of beverage centers available: freestanding and built-in fridges. Freestanding units stand alone and you can place them almost anywhere in your home, while the design of a built-in beverage center or under-counter unit fits directly into your kitchen cabinet space.

Freestanding models need at least two inches of free space on the top and sides, and at least three inches on the back. This space allows proper ventilation to occur to help the appliance function properly. It also preserves the life of your model by not making your beverage center’s compressor work too hard.

Built-in units come with a vent on the front of the model that gets rid of the hot air, so you don’t need the same space. These models typically cost a little more, but the investment is certainly worthwhile depending on the desired location in your home or office.

Find yours today!

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