How to Prepare for Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is the time of year to once again gather around with your loved ones to eat and be thankful. Unfortunately, depending on where you live and the restrictions involved, this year will be a little different because of COVID-19.

Although, you will likely still have to prepare for Thanksgiving —and maybe this year you can focus on quality over quantity— but having leftovers doesn’t sound too bad either!

Here are some tips for you to get prepared.

Plan your meal

Start off with creating a guest list that is small and safe, then start to list dietary restrictions or personal preferences. You will want to make everyone feels included and have meal options for all. This will mean a large trip to the grocery store and you will have to look for specialty items. If you do these a couple of weeks in advance you can look out for deals, so it won’t be one giant bill all at once. Make sure to wear a mask when you head out to the store!

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Clean out your freezer

It’s important to have extra freezer space if you make meals ahead of time to store in your freezer until needed. This also creates space for Thanksgiving leftovers. If you constantly find yourself low on freezer space, check out one of our Danby freezers.

Plan out your seating arrangement

We suggest that you have multiple tables that allow you to be spaced out at around 6ft, to keep you and your guests safe. Moreover, see if you need to have a separate table for kids. Another factor to consider is having enough silverware and dinnerware.

Create a cooking schedule

Try to create an itinerary for the big day that will minimize stress and keep you organized. This could include the name of the dish, prep time, and the time and temperature for cooking (including preheating). This allows you to work backwards from when you would like to serve dinner and then you’ll have a time when you should start cooking. Check out our Danby ranges or microwaves for all your cooking needs.

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Try new recipes

This is the year to try new recipes! If it fails… at least there weren’t as many people around to know! If you can test out the recipe beforehand to make sure it turns out well and is enjoyed, that’s ideal.

Thanksgiving table with roasted turkey, sliced ham and side dishes.

Prepare your home in advance

Make sure you clean bathrooms and wash all of your linens for overnight guests. During these times, picking up an air purifier would give you and your guests another level of safety that would add to the overall feeling of comfort.

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