6 Smart Ways to Furnish Your Tiny House

For some, it’s a minimalist lifestyle choice; for others, a necessity. Regardless, everyone who lives in a tiny house knows they have to make every square inch of space count.

Tiny House

Furnishing a small space isn’t easy, but there are smart ways to furnish a tiny house and make the most of what you have. Try one of these small-space decorating ideas in your tiny house, small apartment, or other miniature hideaway.

1. Divide and Conquer

You can’t make a small room grow larger, but you can give it the illusion of space. Try splitting it into distinctive ‘zones’ with an area rug. Adding a rug can effectively break up the floorspace without creating barriers. This simple step can help divide the living and dining areas or turn one corner of the room into a home office space.

2. Use a Light Touch

While there are exceptions, the old wisdom that lighter colours make a small space feel bigger usually prevails. Painting the walls with a light, airy shade is a good first step to furnishing a tiny house. You don’t have to whitewash the place, but it’s best to focus on one or two light wall colors and leave the bolder accents to your décor.

3. Think Small

Scale matters in a tiny house. The smaller the furnishings, the less cramped and crowded the living space. This matters not only for a furnishing’s footprint but its height and bulk as well. A cozy, low-backed loveseat suits a tiny living room better than an overstuffed couch.

You can also think small when it comes to décor. A beautiful gallery wall made up of many smaller items will serve the space better than a single large art piece (plus, it’s a lot of fun to put together!)

4. Clear the Kitchen

The kitchen is one place where you definitely want some extra elbow room. If you can’t move freely between the fridge, sink and stove (known as the kitchen work triangle), you’ll find it hard to get anything done.

Compact appliances are key to furnishing your tiny house kitchen. Swap the full-size refrigerator for an apartment fridge, which packs the same cooling power in a smaller package. There are compact cooking ranges available in both gas and electric flavors. And if your minimalist lifestyle doesn’t preclude owning a dishwasher, you can invest in a miniature version of that as well!

5. Let There Be Light

light touch tiny house

Natural light does your tiny house big favors. Take advantage of it by installing a long curtain rod that lets you draw the curtains past the window frame to let in as much light as possible. Pair this with floor-to-ceiling curtains to elevate the room to a greater sense of spaciousness!

6. Make Your Furniture Multitask

The trick to tiny house storage? Choose multi-purpose furniture that is as convenient as it is comfortable. Instead of a coffee table, buy a chest or an ottoman with a storage compartment. Get a cozy futon that serves as a spare bed and seating area in one; store the linens underneath. A floating bookshelf can do double-duty as a room divider and storage space.

Whatever you do, don’t let the lack of space discourage you. Some of the best art comes from adversity! Be creative and find new ways to furnish a tiny house that works for you.

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