First Holiday Together at Home? 6 Gifts Your Partner Will LOVE

Your first holiday season together is bound to be a memorable one. Want to make it shine even brighter? These are some of our top gift ideas for partners who are settling into their new home – plus, a few stocking stuffers to tie it all together.

first holiday together

1. A Compact and Elegant Wine Cooler

For all the evenings you’ll host as a pair.

Why they’ll love it: With sizes ranging from 1.8 cubic feet (16 bottles) to 5.3 cubic feet (50 bottles), there’s a compact wine cooler for every cozy condo or starter home. Wine coolers don’t just keep your vino precisely chill – they showcase your handpicked collection in an elegant, LED-lit display.

Perfect pairings:

2. An Incredibly Cozy Throw

For quiet evenings on the couch.

Why they’ll love it: You know you’ve found the one when you can be perfectly content doing nothing together. Bury yourselves under a high-quality throw to make your Netflix and gaming sessions even more relaxing.

Wrap it up with:

  • A stocking full of their favourite movie treats: popcorn, chocolate, jelly beans, the works.
  • The game that has been on their wish list since E3.
  • A good book (or an e-reader, if that’s more your partner’s style.)

3. The World’s Greatest Keg Cooler

For nights to remember with your partner and the gang.

Why they’ll love it: The kegerator is as hassle-free as a keg cooler can be: stylish, effortless to assemble and easy to maintain. All your partner needs to do is choose a keg to pour.

Goes great with a side of:

4. A Brand-New Board Game

For memorable game nights and family gatherings.

Why they’ll love it: Is your partner gloriously geeky? Gift them a shiny new game to make them feel like a kid on Christmas morning. Since you’ve recently blended your board game collections, now is the perfect time to add something new.

Score a few extra points with:

5. A Personal Blender That Does It All

For delicious smoothies to satisfy their sweet tooth.

Why they’ll love it: Every kitchen needs a blender, and it’s worth investing in one that’ll last. This personal blender wins with dedicated gymgoers and budding mixologists alike.

Blends well with gifts like:

6. A Subscription Box as Unique as They Are

For something to look forward to all year long.

Why they’ll love it: Having something new and exciting arrive in the mailbox each month is a great way to celebrate the first year in your new home (just make sure the package gets there safe and sound!)

It’s no exaggeration to say there’s something for everyone in the vast world of subscription boxes. Along with big players like FabFitFun, LootCrate and StitchFix, there are plenty of subscriptions that cater to more eclectic tastes, like:

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