Don’t Let A Small Kitchen Stop You From Choosing Great Appliances

Sometimes a small kitchen can make preparing dinner a hassle, especially if more than one person is trying to cook at the same time. Things can get quite hectic if you do not pick your pieces and remain smart in designing your small kitchen.

Don’t Let A Small Kitchen Stop You From Choosing Great Appliances

That said, you do not have to sacrifice great appliances simply because you have limited space. There are many options out there for small kitchen. You need only look for them! Here are some of the most popular appliance options to consider.

Apartment-Size Refrigerators

Your refrigerator is going to be the biggest appliance in your kitchen. A full-size refrigerator can place serious constraints when choosing your other appliances.

Instead, consider trying out an apartment-size refrigerator. These are specifically designed for apartment living, which normally includes smaller kitchens than those in full homes.

Ranges and Ovens

When it comes to ovens, you can still choose a quality appliance for a small kitchen. Standard sizes may not be an option depending on the space you have, but there are other options.

Danby offers ranges in more compact sizes so your smaller kitchen does not have to sacrifice on quality manufacturing. You can even choose between electric and gas stove tops. You do not really have to sacrifice on anything!


The microwave is perhaps the best thing to ever happen to small kitchens. You can easily cook a wide range of dishes, reheat leftovers, and more in a small, compact appliance.

You do not need to worry about what size of microwave to buy here. They are so small compared to other appliances, and they are an easy fit in any kitchen—even if it must be on your countertops rather than above them.


Another great option in the realm of small appliances is the ever-useful kettle. While it only boils water, you can then use the water to make tea, coffee, hot chocolate, and even certain soups!

Most people can keep their kettle on the countertop. If your space there is extremely limited, it is easy to simply pack your kettle into a cupboard and take it out when you need it. Just be sure to empty the water first.

Compact Freezers

Most refrigerators have a freezer built in, but what happens if yours does not? Or, what if you need more space to freeze leftovers, store raw meat for longer, and feed large groups of people? Sometimes, the space in your fridge’s freezer is simply not enough.

You can increase your overall freezer space in a small kitchen with a compact chest freezer. Many people choose large (seven cubic feet) chest freezers, but the compact variety (as small as 2.64 cubic feet) fits smaller kitchens best. And the only difference between the two is the size— with Danby, high quality comes in small packages.

Image: 2mmedia / 123RF Stock Photo