Don’t Be a Dishwasher Disaster: Essential Tips Before You Load 

Let’s face it, unloading a dishwasher full of sparkling clean dishes is a satisfying feeling. But who wants to deal with a sink full of sudsy, half-washed dishes because the dishwasher wasn’t loaded properly?  

 Fear not, by following these essential tips, you can avoid a dishwashing disaster and maximize the cleaning power of your trusty appliance. 

Scrape It Off, Don't Rinse It Away!

You might be surprised to learn that pre-rinsing dishes isn’t necessary for most modern dishwashers. In fact, it can waste water! Instead, just scrape off any leftover food scraps into the trash. 


Know Your Place Settings

Your dishwasher manual (yes, those things are actually useful!) will tell you exactly how many place settings your appliance can handle. Don’t try to cram too much in – a tightly packed dishwasher hinders water flow and prevents dishes from getting squeaky clean. 

Load Like a Pro: Upper Rack vs. Lower Rack

Upper Rack: This is prime real estate for glasses, cups, mugs, bowls, and other lightweight items. Place them facing down to ensure water reaches all surfaces. 

Lower Rack:  This is where the heavy hitters go – pots, pans, casserole dishes, and large serving platters.  Make sure larger items don’t block the spray arms from rotating freely. 

Dishwasher disaster

Sharp Objects Deserve Special Treatment 

Knives and other sharp utensils can be a safety hazard when unloading. Place them carefully in the designated utensil basket, with the sharp points facing down. 

 Skip the Hand-Washing for Certain Items 

Many modern dishwashers are safe for cleaning certain items you might normally hand-wash,  like plastic containers  (check for the dishwasher-safe symbol!) and some cutting boards. 

Embrace the Power of Rinse Aid 

Rinse aid helps dishes dry completely and prevents water spots. Most dishwashers have a built-in dispenser for this handy product. 

By following these simple tips, you can transform your dishwasher from a potential disaster zone into a cleaning powerhouse. Now, go forth and conquer that dirty dish mountain! 

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