Danby’s Home Appliance Holiday Gift Ideas 2018

Do you still need gift ideas for family or friends but don’t know where to start? Home appliances can be amazing gifts; you just must know the right kind to get. Yes, you may hear about receiving vacuums or bread makers for Christmas, but most are updated and be unique and personalized. Let’s have a look at the top 10 home appliances you can get for your friends and loved ones.

Stocking Stuffers

Stocking Stuffers

Looking for smaller ideas to throw inside of a stocking? Lucky Iron Fish is a fantastic option for use in the kitchen. It helps you receive your daily source of iron – all you must do is cook it with your food. Don’t worry, it doesn’t change the taste or smell of your food! The Lucky Iron Fish can be reused for up to 5 years, so the small cost is nothing compared to the value it provides!

For something that is small but can be an excellent pairing to any home appliance gifts, the Lucky Iron Fish is a great and healthy option, especially for any athletes, vegans, or women in your life.

Smoothie Blender

The 600 mL smoothie blender is an excellent option for those on the go. If any gifts you have to buy are for people who either love smoothies, are always on the go in the morning or both, this is an excellent gift for them.

The blender cup is easily removed and can be replaced with various lids. Don’t worry about cleaning the blender cup immediately – or else, just add the travel lid and go. Another great advantage about this smoothie blender is the blender cup fits into most cup holder!

Food Chopper

Any cooks in your life? Could they benefit from extra time during their meal preparation? Our 4 Cup Food Chopper is a great appliance to help make everyday food preparation quick and easy. Cut down time and clean-up with this food chopper – perfect for parents on the go or tight-scheduled people in your life!


For the hot chocolate or tea drinkers in your life, the 1.7L Kettle is an excellent gift! Often, we pick up hot drinks before work or on our way home – which gets costly. Avoid the café stops and feel secure in your gift as the kettle comes with a 12-month parts and labour coverage.

Pair the kettle with a personalized mug and their favourite tea blend and your gift is complete! Your friend or family member will love you and so will their wallet!

Ice Maker

Looking for gifts for the entertainer in your friend or family group? Say no more – our 2lb Ice Maker is the perfect gift! Never worry again about who is grabbing the ice or if someone forgot to refill the ice cube tray.

It is excellent for hosting – you have one sleek, small appliance that guests can use without going through your freezer. Features like an alarm that lets you know when it’s full and ready to serve, a scoop for group use, and a 12-month parts and labour warranty makes it an excellent gift. Make your loved one’s holidays with this ice maker, and they will be the perfect host!

Red Compact Refrigerator

Any retro-loving friends out there? Or any family members that love to spice up their living spaces with pops of colour? Our retro red Compact Refrigerator is the perfect gift!

This is a sleek, compact refrigerator, coming in a variety of colours – most famously red, and black on the inside – don’t worry, there’s a light inside. This is an excellent gift idea for someone needing extra fridge storage, but not wanting your typical mini fridge. Spice up your family’s life with this cool, retro-inspired company refrigerator as a fun, yet practical gift.

Fresh Herb Grower

If you have someone with a green thumb on your gift-giving list, this Fresh Home Herb Grower is a great idea!

For those who love to grow their herbs but must take a break during the winter: not anymore! This gift allows you to grow your garden in your house during the cold months, which is an exciting feat.

There are many options from countertop size to larger builds. Have a look at the different options and sizes and choose the perfect indoor herb garden gift!

Have any beer drinkers or sports fans on your list? Here is the gift they didn’t know they needed until now: our Kegerator!

Never worry about not having enough beers for the game or running out to the garage or kitchen for refills. This is the benefit of flowing beer from a keg, but the class from your own draught pour without leaving your home. Put this right in your personal cave or your dedicated tv room for sporting or movie events and their guests will love them!

Bonus: there are indoor and outdoor versions for those summers out on the deck, so your gift giving will be thinking ahead!

Beverage Centre

If some of your gifts are for people who don’t drink beer or are for soda/sparkling water/energy drink lovers, the 124 Beverage Can Beverage Center is well suited.

As cans of soda and other carbonated drinks can take up a lot of space in your refrigerator, the beverage center is perfect for optimal beverage storage without taking up food room. This makes an excellent gift for the pop lover/energy drink lovers as they will now have the extra space for what they crave – plus it can be plugged in wherever they desire!

Want to make your gift extra special? We etch dates, messages, photos – anything you want into the glass insert. Personalize your gift and make it extra memorable.

Wine Cooler

We have chatted about beer, soda, but where’s the love for winos? Don’t worry, the wine lovers’ gifts are covered with our Wine Coolers.

Our freestanding wine coolers are a fantastic gift option as it doesn’t discriminate against flavours – red or white, even rose, can all be stored. This is done with two separate zones with temperature cooling ranges of 4ºC – 18ºC (39°F – 64°F). Giving this gift will mean no more hassle of two different spots for whites and reds – with a bonus of stylish LED lit storage.

From compact to designer wine coolers, the only question you must ask is how much wine do they like to drink?

Happy Shopping!

Now that you have some ideas in your pocket about what to get your loved ones, check out our store for fantastic home appliances that can be great gifts for almost every member of the family! Happy shopping and Happy Holidays!

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