Are You on Pinterest? Danby Is.

At Danby, we love Pinterest for many reasons.

We get to see inside your kitchens, see your favorite recipes, add some of our products like wine fridges, ice makers, keg coolers to help give you ideas about party planning.  Our Pinterest is a showcase of primarily other people’s ideas, design and more – we think it’s inspiring.

Join Us on Pinterest

If you have a Pinterest, please follow-us and we’ll follow back and re-pin some of your wonderful creations or finds.  We’re just getting started, but here are a few of our boards to pique your interest (or dare we say Pinter…):

Danby Pinterest Wine Board

Wine & Fancy Things:

What’s not to love?  We chose this board because we know that wine branding is beautiful, serving wine is a pleasure and all of the accoutrements that go with wine are outstanding.  Like wine toppers with an octopus on the top, glassware, vineyards, wine infographics, casks and more.  We also sell Wine Fridges so it’s a natural fit.



For The Home:

Obviously, kitchens are one of the things that make your home a home and we love everything about kitchens.  From the types of wood, slate, marble you use for your countertops to the sinks and the flooring you choose.  There are just so many ideas and on Pinterest there are some fantastic designers of small kitchens where our fridges fit and look fantastic.


Danby Pinterest Party ideas

Party Ideas:

We put the “P” in party.  Not really, but we do have some ice makers, beverage fridges, wine fridges, portable dishwashers, keg coolers and more.  Our Pinterest board has great food ideas, party decorating ideas and great favors.