10 Must-Haves For Your Dorm Room

It’s time for college students to head back-to-school which means planning for another successful year. The first step should be setting up a dorm room that includes the comforts of home, while being functional for busy college life. Convenience, compact, and multifunctional is a must—with a personal touch!

dorm room

Here are our 10 must-haves that every dorm should include.


1. Bathroom Organization – Never forget your shampoo again with a shower caddy. This mesh tote has lots of pockets to sort and carry all your accessories and gear. There are many versions of this tote on the market but make sure to pick one that is waterproof and big enough to hold a pair of flip-flops, a cloth, your hairbrush, and all of your soaps and lotions.

2. Shelves – Keep everything organized with this small 4-cube cubby. Because we know space is at a premium, choose a stackable shelf that can also be used as a table as well. This will make it easier to organize your books and favorite items from home.

3. Portable Speaker – No need to haul your stereo system across country. The Bluetooth speaker is a compact, convenient accessory that will stream your favorite music while allowing you to save precious desk space.

4. Alarm Clock – Ensure you’re not late for your 7am class with a desk side alarm clock. Some also come with a USB charger so you can keep your phone juiced up while you’re sleeping!

5. Laptop – One of the most important tools for college is a good computer. Be sure to grab one that is lightweight, portable, and quick.

6. Laundry Hamper – Because no one has time to haul a garbage bag of clothes to the laundromat, we love this portable laundry rolling bag! There is an extendable handle, a zip up main section and mesh pockets on the side to store your detergent. When it’s time to go home for the holidays it can also double as a suitcase.

7. Lamp – Every late night study session needs to be powered by a good lamp. We love this one because it’s slim, modern looking and it also doubles as a USB charger!

8. Kettle – Whether you need a cup of coffee to get going in the morning or a cup of noodles to fill your belly at midnight, the portable kettle will be your best friend. This electric kettle from Danby can boil water faster than a microwave and is safer to use than a stovetop kettle because it automatically turns off when the water boils.

9. Duvet & Cover – Nice, comfortable bedding is crucial but we also recommend getting a duvet with a duvet cover so that you can swap out your style throughout the year.

Having a duvet cover also makes it easier to wash your bedding when you need to. There is also no need to haul a huge comforter across campus on laundry days.

10. Mini Fridge – Keep all of your favorite beverages and snacks close with one of Danby’s compact refrigerators. We offer the 1.7 cu fridge and the 2.6 cu models to tuck away in the corner of your dorm room. The latter offers room to store a carton of milk, 8 cans of pop, and 4 shelves for fresh food storage.

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