10 Gift Ideas For Your Teacher This Year

Congratulations on making it to summer. In no time you’ll be camping, lying on the beach, and going for sunset car rides with the windows down. But before all of that happens, you’ve got to get your kid’s teacher a gift so that they’ll let them come back next year.

Candy Containers

Teachers love to put stuff in nice looking containers. And this BergHOFF bamboo fibre jar set is a great option for doing just that. Your teacher can use them to hold mints, candies, or (if they’re getting close to retirement) even Werther’s Originals.



Ever seen one of these before? This handy little gadget will allow your teacher to cut the carbs and (literally) cut the vegetables into the perfect pasta shape. Just make your sauce, spiralize some zucchini, and you’ve got oodles of delicious zoodles!

Water Bottles

Water: you know you should drink more of it. And odds are your teacher should too. One thing that always seems to help staying hydrated is being able to add a little flavour to that boring, tasteless liquid. A great way to do this is by infusing your water with lemon, cucumber, or some sliced strawberries. Your teacher will be sipping on tasty, fruit-infused water all day long!


Travel Mugs

It’s bad enough trying to get your kids ready in the morning without your cup of Joe first. Imagine trying to teach kids math without a cup of coffee in hand. Your child’s teacher will love to see this bamboo-fibre coffee mug steaming with coffee the strength of jet fuel sitting on their desk every morning.

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Glass mugs

But wait, maybe your kid’s teacher is on an exchange from Europe or just happens to love strong espresso. These BergHOFF espresso-size glass mugs will make for the perfect gift for strong coffee lovers.

Coffee and Tea containers

Leave the Maxwell House cans for the students to grow pea shoots in next year. Your teacher deserves these air-tight bamboo fibre coffee and tea containers to keep their coffee beans and leaves fresh.

teacher gift ideas

BBQ Brushes

You can never have enough silicone BBQ brushes. Your kid’s teacher will love hosting backyard BBQ this summer so they can show off all their delicious summer sauces they’ve been dying to try out during the school year.


Egg Whisk

Need we say more?


Silicone Muffin Tray

Your kid’s teacher has cleaned up enough messes this year. Give the teacher one less mess to clean up with this easy-to-clean, non-stick, silicone muffin trays.

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