10 Gift Ideas for Every Type of Dad This Father’s Day

We all know Dads are hard to buy for. You can only get him so many ties, golf shirts, and “World’s Best Dad” mugs. Here are 10 Father’s Day gift ideas your dad will actually use (and love).


Day gift ideas

What kind of a beer drinker is your dad? Does he like to try all the ales, lagers, and stouts he can get his hands on, or does he tend to stay loyal to one brand? If he fits into the latter category, buying beer by the keg can actually save your old man some dough. You can pick up a keg from his favourite craft brewery or find just about anything at your local beer store. This Danby Kegerator will keep your dad’s beer cold and includes a CO2 tank to ensure that he’s pouring perfect draught in no time.

Beer fridge


Maybe your dad isn’t a one trick pony. He likes to explore and try new things. Maybe your dad is the kind of guy who thinks going on a beer tour sounds like a great time and not a recipe for a headache and a mid-afternoon nap. If that’s the case, it sounds like he might prefer a classic beer fridge. He can fill it up with all of the different IPAs he’s wanted to try, without the commitment of buying a whole keg. The Danby Contemporary Classic mini fridge in matte black does a great job of keeping his brews cold while looking sleek at the same time.

Portable BBQ


When your dad is on the water reeling in a big one, wouldn’t it be great if he had something he could cook his catch-of-the-day on right then and there? With the BergHOFF Portable BBQ, now he can. What’s that? Your old man isn’t a salty seaman. That’s alright because you can take this BBQ anywhere. Imagine, a bottle of wine, a red and white checkered picnic blanket, in a meadow with a few freshly prepared shish kabobs. Next level family picnics.

Considering a portable BBQ for Dad this year?  Now is your chance to WIN one by entering our contest. Full details here.

Lucky Iron Fish

Father's day gift ideas

The doctor called, Dad is running low on iron. Looks like cutting out all that red meat has been good for dad’s blood pressure but is leaving his iron levels a little lower than he’d like. Lucky for Dad, there’s the Lucky Iron Fish. Toss this little guy in a pot of boiling water for a few minutes and you’ll have more than enough iron to keep dad fit and healthy. Bonus: Through Lucky Iron Fish’s Buy-One-Give-One program, every time someone purchases a Lucky Iron Fish, a portion of the proceeds will go toward distributing Fish for free to communities in need.


father's day

Dads are busy. Between late nights at the office and taking you to after-school baseball games, making it home on time for a hot meal can seem next to impossible. Thankfully, your dad doesn’t have to eat cold leftovers anymore. With the Danby Nouveau Wave microwave, mom’s leftovers can be piping hot in minutes.

BergHOFF Hunting Knives


How many times has your dad seen First Blood? One? Two? Twenty? If Pop loves Rambo or just can’t wait until open season, he’ll love receiving one of these BergHOFF Everslice precision knives. With knives designed for filleting, hunting, and cooking they make for a great gift for the outdoors-man.

Chest Freezer

Dad gift ideas

Dad’s hunting trip was a success? Then he’ll need something to hold all that fresh game in. A 5.1 cubic ft. freezer is the perfect addition to your regular family-size freezer. Maybe your old man is not the hunter type. Maybe dad is looking to expand his ice cream collection. This compact, yet spacious freezer will do the trick.

Danby Fresh

dad gift

Is your dad the next Gordon Ramsay? Danby’s home herb grower is the perfect gift to keep fresh herbs and microgreens in the kitchen all year round. Maybe now your dad will stop cussing out Trader Joe’s for the wilted parsley. With high-efficient LED grow lights, dad can cultivate almost anything his green thumbs desire.

Ice Maker

dad ideas

Is your dad a Maverick or more of an Iceman? If your dad’s looks rival Val Kilmer, you’ll want to pony up for one of Danby’s counter-top ice makers. Even if Dad forgets to fill up the ice tray, he’ll be Top Gun at parties with enough ice to freshen everyone’s drink.

Wine Cooler


The blueprints were designed, the lumber was ordered, and the reclaimed oak wine barrel floor boards imported, but life got in the way and mom still doesn’t have her wine cellar. Lucky for mom (and Dad), a wine cooler makes for the perfect substitute while Dad finishes that long-weekend project that keeps getting put off. Keep up to 17 bottles of your favourite fruity Beaujolais chilled to perfection.

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