The Danby Group Office Locations

Danby Products Limited, Guelph Ontario
Danby Products Limited has just over 100 employees and is our largest Danby office. Out of this location functions a wide range of departments including Sales and Marketing, Finance, HR, Supply Chain, Purchasing and Consumer Service. This location also supports warehouse space where many of our products are shipped from here to our customers across Canada.

Danby Products Incorporated, Findlay Ohio
Danby Products Incorporated opened in 1992 in Findlay, Ohio as an initiative to bring Danby products to the US. Currently this has over 40 employees in various departments including Sales, Finance, Administration and Warehouse Operations.

Intirion, Foxboro Massachusetts
Intirion was acquired by Danby in 2010 which added a new and unique product to our product line. The MicroFridge® product has allowed Danby to expand in to new areas of business and has helped to keep us competitive in the marketplace. The Foxboro office has over 30 employees which include functions such as Finance, Sales and Customer Service.

Danby Asia, Guangzhou China
Danby Asia opened in 2012 in Guangzhou, China as a sourcing office which allows Danby to bring new and innovative products to market with speed, accuracy and efficiency. This office has over 20 employees and the primary functions are Finance, Admin, Product Development, Quality Assurance and Logistics & Planning.