Culture at Danby

We are proud to offer a work environment that many refer to as a family. Danby is a stable, established company that is continually looking for new efficiencies and better ways to do things. Some of our employees have been with the company for more than 20 years and some have just recently started their careers here. Either way, we are a team working toward a common goal.

Our success has not only been due to providing great products, we continue to thrive because of the loyal, talented members of our team who have the passion and drive to be the best in our industry. Our employees across the globe are among some of the best as we foster an environment of continuous improvement, life-long learning, challenging work and career growth within the company.

Here are a few things that we do on a regular basis that define Danby’s company culture:

Charity and Social Events
At all of our Danby locations, we are active in many charities throughout the year to raise money for organizations and people we care about. Some of the organizations we have donated to include local sports teams, Cancer Society, Children’s Wish Foundation, local food banks and many others.  Danby’s Social Committee goes out of their way to provide events for employees to enjoy including BBQs, employee appreciation events, holiday parties, family-friendly events, contests and more!

Doing our Part for the Environment
Danby strives to help reduce the amount of waste heading to landfills each and every day. At Danby we have a number of programs in place to limit product waste and increase energy efficiency to reduce the effects on the environment. Most of Danby’s products are Energy Star® compliant, all dyes are vegetable based to reduce toxicity levels and product packaging is made from recycled cardboard. Damaged or returned product is thoroughly sorted upon return and is recycled to avoid waste going to the landfills. Some of our Danby offices have implemented aggressive recycling programs within the office to reduce, reuse and recycle daily.

Company-Wide Communication
Danby believes in the importance of communication not only within each office location, but globally between all of our offices. Every quarter, we have a Global Town Hall Meeting to discuss matters at Danby. We also have an employee newsletter circulated three times a year to all Danby locations which helps to connect us as a group and share useful and relevant information. Danby does its best to share information with employees as much as possible and we foster an “open-door” communication policy.

Employee Testimonial
“Danby is a company that has a wonderful balance of business and camaraderie. Each employee conducts his or herself professionally both internally and externally, while creating and maintaining lasting relationships with co-workers. Senior Management and the Social Committee strive to make the workplace not only productive, but fun and engaging. We’re big enough to make an impact, but small enough that you really get to know who you’re working with”. Jessica P