• A lot of foam seems to form whenever I try to pour a glass of draft from my Keg Cooler?

    There could be several reasons for this; 1. The Keg should be allowed to stand for a minimum of half an hour before you tap it. 2. Verify the C02 pressure is reading between 10~ 12 psi and that the keg cooler is operating within 36˚F ~ 40˚F (2˚C ~ 4˚C). 3. Release any excess air pressure via the release valve on the keg coupler. 4. Check your CO2 line (red hose) for any possible air leaks.

  • Can I install my keg cooler directly into my bar?

    Although modification of your appliance is not recommended and may void your warranty, this sort of installation is possible. However in order for the unit to receive proper ventilation, there must be 2 inches of clearance around the unit and 6 inches from the unit to the back wall. If you are going to mount the beer dispenser, to the top surface of the bar you must ensure the area between the dispenser (tower) and the top of the fridge remains sealed.

  • Where do I go to fill the CO2 tank for my keg cooler?

    To find a local supplier please look in the Yellow Pages under “Oxygen” suppliers.

  • Why is there no beer coming out of the tap?

    Please make sure that you are using a domestic beer keg, (Canadian or American) as the coupler provided with Danby keg coolers is not suitable for imported beer.

    If you are using the keg cooler for the first time, allow the air in the hose to be released. Once the air has been released, the beer will begin to flow.

    Make sure the CO2 tank is full.

    Check the hoses for kinks, and un-kink if any are found

    Make sure that the coupler is in the locked or closed position. (The handle will be horizontal when the coupler is in the locked position)

    Make sure gate valve is open

  • The wheels on my portable washer do not rotate; can I get ones that do?

    The reason the wheels on your portable washer do rotate is to allow for stability of the unit during a wash cycle. There is no other type wheel available for your machine.

  • Can I connect my portable dishwasher directly to the water supply?

    No, your portable dishwasher is not designed to be connected directly to water a supply.

  • The hoses on my portable dishwasher do not reach, is it alright to use longer ones?

    The pump that was installed in your dishwasher was designed to pump discharged water the length of the factory installed hose. For trouble free operation, we do not recommend installing a longer length of hose.

  • The instruction manual talks about black and white wires but I have blue and brown wires, how do I connect my dishwasher?

    Blue = White (Neutral) Brown = Black (Hot)

  • I own a Danby Designer countertop dishwasher, and the interior window has fallen off. Unfortunately, the warranty expired over a year ago. What would be the best way to reattach this window? It seems to have indents to keep it positioned, and it looks like it may have just been glued in place. The seals appear to be intact. If it needs to be glued, what kind of glue will survive the heat, soap & water?

    We suggest using an industrial strength sealant which is non toxic and once you use it, make sure you let it dry for at least 24 hours. You can buy this in most appliance repair stores.

  • One of the castors on my portable dishwasher broke can you send me another castor?

    In order for the castors to be installed the bottom of the dishwasher must me removed, therefore you must contact a Danby-authorized service dealer to have them order and install the new castor. Please Note: These castors must be installed by a licensed technician.

  • The ball bearings have fallen out of our plastic quick connect. How do I fix it?

    The quick connect cannot be repaired; it must be replaced.

  • I have an 18’ (or 24”) dishwasher and the spray arm keeps hitting my plates?

    First, ensure that your dinner plates are the standard 12” and make sure dishes have been properly arranged on the bottom rack. If you have loaded the dishwasher correctly and your dishes are the correct size, try raising the top rack. Raising the top rack: 1. Unclip the clips at the end of the sliders for the top rack 2. Remove the top rack 3. Slide the bottom set of wheels into the slider 4. Close the clips at the end of the slider