• Can I leave my air conditioner installed in the window for the winter?

    No, we recommend storing the unit in a climate controlled area during the winter months. Leaving the unit exposed to the winter elements and/or attempting to use the air conditioner during the winter could result in damage to the unit and void the warranty.

  • If it rains outside, will it harm my air conditioner?

    It will not affect your air conditioner. The components inside the air conditioner have been waterproofed so that rain will not affect the operation of your unit.

  • Can I put my window air conditioner through the wall?

    No. The vents on window air conditioners are made differently than the vents on though the wall units. The vents on window air conditioners are on the sides and on the top; on the through the wall units the vents are only on the back. If you install a window air conditioner through the wall, you will be obstruct air flow and prevent your machine from functioning properly. If you install a window air conditioner through the wall, then the warranty on the product will be voided.

  • Can I store my air conditioner on its side?

    No, your air conditioner must be stored lying flat with the top side up - in the same position that it was installed in the window.

  • How long will it take my Air Conditioner to cool a room?

    It will take the Air Conditioner 24 hours to cool the entire room to the set temperature.

  • What can I do to help cool the room down faster?

    By making sure all the curtains in the room are closed, this will stop any sunlight from getting in and will help to cool the room down faster.

  • Can I plug my Air Conditioner into an outlet that already has another item plugged into it?

    No, the Air Conditioner should have its own dedicated wall outlet. It can be used in a properly wired standard wall socket.

  • The room that I want to use the portable air conditioner in has windows that do NOT open, does the unit need to be vented?

    Both hoses need to be connected in order for the unit to work to its fullest capability. If you do not connect the intake hose the machine will use the room air that has been cooled by the unit to cool the compressor, therefore decreasing the amount of air conditioned air in the room. This, in turn, will cause the compressor to work harder in an effort to replace that cool air. If you do not connect the exhaust hose, the machine will be exhausting the air that is used to cool the compressor into your room. This air is warm and will therefore counteract the effects of the air conditioner. This will also cause the compressor to work harder and shorten the life of the unit.

  • Do you sell any smaller sized window kits to make it possible to fit this unit within smaller window sizes?

    The window kits are all the same size. I know that they can be cut to fit some windows. Depending on the size of your window, you should be able to fit to size.

  • What is the energy efficiency ratio for a portable air conditioner?

    This type of product is exempt from requiring an Energy Efficiency Ratio because it is a product with multiple functions. Each function uses a different amount of energy and therefore the amount of energy used is dependent upon how often you use each mode. This, therefore, makes it impossible to estimate the yearly energy consumption.

  • Is there anything I need to do before storing my unit for the winter?

    Release drain cap and tip unit slightly to drain the water. Run the unit in fan mode for 24 hours to dry the lines. Clean the filter and vacuum the vents with the soft brush of the vacuum. Storage tips: Store at room temperature. Wrap the unit is a blanket or tarp to protect against dust. Try not to store the unit directly on a basement floor as the dampness can damage the unit.

  • There has been almost no condensation water coming out from the back of my unit ever since I began using it. It is common sense that there is always a lot of condensation water when the air conditioner is working especially during a high humidity summer. Do you think my air conditioner is working correctly?

    Danby's most recent line of air conditioners do not have a drain in the back as the previous models did. The new units use the water generated by the unit to cool the condenser coils which, in turn, evaporates the water that has accumulated. You may hear a "splashing" sound when this occurs.

  • Can a horizontal air conditioner be put vertically in my window?

    No it cannot. If the unit is placed on its side then it will not allow the Freon to circulate within the unit and then the unit will not work.

  • My air conditioner is no longer cooling. It is 16C outside but 27C inside my house.

    Air conditioners will stop cooling if the outside temperature drops below 17C because the unit thinks it has done its job. It would be more beneficial in this situation to open a window rather than burning energy with an air conditioner running.

  • Why do you need 3 pieces for the window kit for the PORTABLE A/C'S.

    The adapter kit consists of 3 pieces, 1 metal and 2 plastic pieces. The metal  slide is the part the actual funnel shaped pieces clip into to allow proper intake and exhausting of the unit and room air through the window.The two plastic pieces are to allow you to be able to fit the adapters in windows or doors anywhere from 28"to 78". If your window is only 28" high or wide you will not need any adapter slides,but if your  window is larger you will have to fit one or both slider pieces in to be able to secure the adaptors for proper air flow. The plastic adapter with the holes in the side fits between the larger metal and plastic sliders.If it is necessary to cut the PLASTIC slider be sure to use caution when using the proper tool.

  • What is R410A?


    In recent months there has been a lot of talk about a new “environmentally friendly” refrigerant. Danby has been quick to integrate this new technology into its 2009 home comfort line up. R410A has been developed to replace the R22 (Freon) refrigerant which is used in most heating and cooling appliances on the market today. This technology has been used in central air conditioner systems for nearly 10 years with great success.  R22 along with many other HCFC type refrigerants have been in the phase out process since 2000.  By 2010 the global production of R22 will have been cut by 75% with the goal of a complete phase out by 2020. R410A can not be used in units designed for R22 as it is a higher pressure gas and would damage the system therefore R22 units on the market today will be none repairable in the next 10 years. Along the phase out time line the cost of R22 refrigerant will continue to increase dramatically as supply dwindles, making R410A not only the best choice for the environment but also the most cost effective choice in the long run.

  • Why won’t the control pad on my DPAC13009 work?

    The DPAC13009 portable air conditioner has a removable control pad.  The unit will not respond to the controls while they are placed in the cavity on the top of the unit. In order to control the unit you must first remove the control pad then point it directly at the machine.