ADR70B1C | 70.00 Pints

Hot and muggy conditions don’t have to be tolerated anymore with this supreme dehumidifier by Danby. It has the power to rid the air of 70 pints (33.1 litres) of moisture from areas of up to 4,500 feet every 24 hours. The esteemed Energy Star rating means your electricity bills will be kept in check and the R410a refrigerant makes it an eco-friendly appliance. The powerful machine comes with two quiet fan speeds and adjustable humidity settings which can be conveniently controlled by easy-to-use electronic controls with a LED display unit. The modern automatic de-icing system is designed to prevent ice build-up on the coils and the direct-drain feature allows it to operate continuously. There’s a smart low-temperature device to keep the dehumidifier running until the temperature reaches 5ºC (41ºF). In addition, the auto-restart mechanism will turn the unit back on following a power outage and the removable air filter makes cleaning as easy as pie. This prized model also offers a valued 24-month warranty on parts and labour.

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Energy Star certified