• What humidity level (RH) should my dehumidifier be set to?

    RH level is between 45-55%, depending on personal preference.

  • I have set my dehumidifier to stop at 55% RH and the room air is 54% why is the unit still running?

    The margin of error of the humidity sensor can be +/- 5 % RH. Although it should stop at the level you have set it, it can be a few degrees above or below your manual setting before it turns on/off automatically.

  • There is an odd odor that seems to be coming from my dehumidifier?

    A dehumidifier by itself will not produce any form of smell. Usually any smell that emits from the unit will be something that is recycled from the room itself.

  • The water is not draining into the bucket?

    There may be an obstruction in the drain pan above the bucket, check to make sure no obstruction has occurred.

  • The unit will not operate?

    1. Check power cord connection 2. Check electrical outlet for a blown fuse 3. Check if water tank is full (empty) 4. Check water tank is properly installed

  • The Dehumidifying capacity (moisture removal) is low?

    1.Check to see if the air filter is dirty and/or blocked. 2. The room temperature might be too low, (below 15.5 C/ 60F) 3. Check to make sure that there is no obstruction to the unit that might be causing poor airflow circulation.

  • The Relative humidity setting is not being reached even after a long period of operation?

    1. Check to make sure that all windows and doors are closed. 2. They area/room may be too large for the capacity of the dehumidifier; check to make sure your dehumidifier is the proper one for your room size

  • On the display panel, when we start either the dehumidifier or the heater we are getting a flashing E1 alternating with a flashing E2. I assume this is an error indicator but the manual does not mention any E1 or E2 and I don't know what it means?

    The E1 E2 flashing together (alternately) means that there is a loose sensor wire. The wire may have come loose during transportation to the store. The unit will need to be exchanged at the store where you purchased it or you will need to phone a service depot in your area to have it fixed. Contact our Customer Service Department at 1-800-26-DANBY to locate your nearest service depot.

  • My dehumidifier is not collecting water?

    If the room air is less than the set air then there is no water in the bucket because there almost no humidity in the air. If it is winter there is likely not enough humidity in the air to have water collect in the bucket. A dehumidifier will only pick up humidity out of warm air. If you are running a dehumidifier in your basement in the winter, the room may be damp but too cold for the dehumidifier to pull out the humidity. Try running the unit in the bathroom after having a hot shower without the bathroom fan on. If working correctly the unit should draw water.

  • Should the unit not shut off when the house RH% reaches the set air RH%?

    All of Danby’s dehumidifiers are programmed so that the compressor will cycle (ie. shut off) when the set air RH% is reached. However, the fan will run continuously.

  • When the dehumidifier is operating, is it normal for the expelled air to be quite warm? We find that the dehumidifier is warming up the room noticeably (a finished basement).

    The warm air that is being expelled from your dehumidifier is normal. When the unit is dehumidifying the compressor is working which causes the compressor to become quite hot. In order to avoid having the compressor overheat, air is drawn by the compressor at a rapid rate and the heat is then transferred to the air which must be expelled from the unit. The warm air will stop shortly after the unit has reached the desired humidity. This warm air should not change your room temperature by more than a degree or two.

  • I am trying to use the direct drain feature but the water is still going into the bucket?

    Ensure that you are using a hose no longer than five feet. Also ensure that the hose is draining down into a drain in the floor. Please note: The direct drain feature relies on gravity to move the water through the hose. There is no pump employed during this feature.

  • Why does the dehumidifier fan run all the time?

    By running the fan constantly there is a better over all humidity reading of  the whole room rather than a reading of the air directly in front of the unit which would be the case if the fan wasn't running when the compressor stops.

  • What does the P1 on my dehumidifier indicate?

    P1 is part of a normal function of your dehumidifier. When your compressor is working it will build frost on the evaporator coils. When there is enough frost on the coils the unit will go into a P1 deicing program. This deicing cycle will last anywhere from 15-45 minutes. Once complete it will automatically resume normal function. The cooler the room the more often this function will turn on.

  • Why is the fan on my dehumidifier continuously running?

    Most of our dehumidifier models are designed to have the fan run even when the compressor is not running. This is in order to circulate the air in the room and make the unit work more efficiently. This is a standard feature and cannot be programmed to stop.