• Inside the unit above the turntable plate there is cardboard-like material covering a hole. Should this piece remain in the unit or is it part of the packaging that should be removed?

    This part needs to remain in the unit. It is the mica sheet or microwave outlet cover. The purpose of this part is to protect the magnetron from food splatter. The magnetron is the main heating element necessary to heat your food. If the part does not stay in on its own you should either exchange the unit or take it to a service depot to have a new mica sheet installed.

  • There is a metal screw inside the microwave! Will that not cause ‘sparking’?

    The screw is coated so it does not ‘spark’ when the microwave is on.

  • Can I remove the plastic power cord holder in the back of my microwave? I would like to place it flush to the wall.

    We recommend you not alter your appliance. In order for the unit to receive proper ventilation, there should be at least 2 inches between the wall and the microwave.

  • Can I make popcorn in my microwave?

    Yes, but it is absolutely mandatory that the bag of popcorn be placed on a plate and not directly on the glass tray that comes with the microwave. Heat from the popcorn bag can crack or fracture the glass tray.

  • The paint in my microwave is peeling. What do I do? Is it safe to use?

    Peeling paint can be caused by frequently heating items which produce high amounts of steam. If the condensation caused by this steam is not wiped off directly after use it may cause the paint to lift over time resulting in peeling paint. This is not unlike the reaction you would find in bathroom with no ventilation. It can also be caused when food or liquid finds itself under the tray and we continue to cook without noticing it. The paint around the spot may then start to peel. Please note: If there is any metal exposed on the inside of the unit, the unit should not be used. Exposed metal may cause the unit to spark and therefore could be a potential fire hazard. Fix: Simply sand the peeling spots and apply a heat-resistant or high-heat paint spray which can be purchased at any local hardware store or through parts dealers such as Amre Supply or Reliable Parts.

  • I bought a Danby microwave which included 2 microwave egg cookers. Can I order more of these through your dealers? Otherwise, do you know where I could purchase them?

    Unfortunately the egg cookers you are inquiring about are only available with our unit. They are inserted into the unit at the point of manufacturing as a product add-on and are not available to us to sell individually. To date we have no leads as to a similar style of product available to consumers.

  • Is there a way to disable the beeping sound when you press the buttons or when it is ready?

    All of our units beep when the buttons are pressed and when the unit is finished the requested task. There is no way to disable this beep.

  • Is a countertop microwave available with mounting hardware?

    Unfortunately there is no mounting kit to hang our microwaves under a cupboard. To do so, you would have to purchase an over-the-range microwave that is designed to hang from a cupboard, or install a microwave shelf for the unit to sit on.

  • What are the space requirements for installing my OTR?

    The bottom of the microwave must be at least 13.5 inches from the cooking surface and at least 50 inches from the floor.

  • In the manual it mentions a charcoal filter. Do I need this filter?

    A charcoal filter is required only if the microwave is not being vented outside.

  • One of our light bulbs burnt out on our unit and we replaced it, however the light is still not working correctly?

    If one of the light bulbs on an OTR burns out, both bulbs must be replaced.