A Popping Good Time

Some days there is nothing better the settling down to watch a good movie with a perfect bowl of popcorn. With the pre-programmed one touch popcorn button found on most Danby microwaves, you will never have to guess the cooking time.

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Small (0.6-0.89 cu.ft)

For many students the dorm room microwave is the only way to cook a fresh hot meal. These small capacity microwaves offer the perfect amount of cooking power while taking up very little space.

Medium (0.9-1.0 cu.ft)

Perfect for your small family, these medium capacity models offer convenient one touch cooking buttons for the most popular uses.

Large (1.1-1.6 cu.ft)

Danby large capacity microwaves are both powerful and stylish.


Create your culinary masterpiece with a Danby range.