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With the holiday season quickly approaching, our inner Pinterest-inspired-host will emerge in all their glory. If you don’t have room in your refrigerator for all fifteen dishes you plan to prepare for your friends and family, you may need to invest in additional storage space; because yes, you do need to make all five types [...]


Are you in the market for a new wine, beverage or bar refrigerator? We have noticed that a lot of Danby customers are unsure of the real differences between freestanding and built-in and how it affects your purchase decision. We want to make sure you are making the right choice! Our built-in units include all Silhouette [...]

Easy Meals – Microwave and Crock Pot Recipes


Fall is quickly approaching, the kids are back to school but you are still finding yourself busier than ever? We get it, you don't always have time to prepare a full meal and you are finding yourself wanting to make more microwave and slow cooker meals. There is nothing wrong with that! We want to [...]

Fall Cleaning – How to Clean Your Appliances


Children are back at school, the leaves have started changing colour and soon enough it would be inevitable to hide from the smell of pumpkin spice filling up the air. Fall is upon us, and Danby suggests you take these next couple of weeks preparing for the fall season by cleaning your appliances. How do [...]

Danby duo

Why spend thousands of dollars on a double door fridge / freezer when you can have all the same benefits for a fraction of the cost? Meet the Danby Duo! By combining Danby’s single door 11 cu. ft all-refrigerator (DAR110A1WDD) and our 8.5 cu ft all-freezer (DUFM085A2WDD1), you will never run out of refrigerated space [...]